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January-February 2003 Newsletter

The Bike Ride

by Katie Beachy

My dad, my mom, my sister Kelda, and my sister's Girl Scout friend Sara, her dad Gary, and me had been planning to go on the OKHT for a long time. The OKHT was a bike ride that the Louisville Bicycle Club had every year. They would have SAGS every ten miles and at the SAGS fruit, Gatorade, and some other stuff like that. You could chose to go on the 25-mile, the 50-mile, the 70-mile, or the 100-mile bike rides.

To get into shape we went on the bike rides every Monday night that they had put on. The first night we went on the bike ride was 10 miles. After the ride when we got back Kelda and Sara were complaining how hard it was and all that stuff. I rode the tandem with my dad so it wasnít that hard. After a couple of bike rides it got to be easy and Kelda and Sara didnít even complain. On the last bike ride it was a fruit ride so after the ride they had some fruit.

On Saturday when it was still dark my dad got me up at 5:00 A.M. "Why are you getting me up so early in the morning?" I asked. "So you can get ready for the bike ride." He answered. It was the big day, the day of the OKHT. We were going on the 50-mile ride so we had to pack a lot of Gatorade and water. My dad and I were riding the tandem and my mom and Kelda were riding their own bikes. I had to go downstairs and put on my bike shorts and shirt. I didnít get breakfast because we had to go as soon as we could. "Did you get my helmet?" I asked my dad. "Yes I did." He answered. The ride was at Tom Sawyer Park where it always is. When we got to the park we had to go in the gym to get our stuff. We had to get our wristbands and our shirts.

There was always a boy scout troop doing the ride so we wanted to beat them. Kelda, Sara, and me are in a girl scout troop so it was our turn to beat them. They said they going to beat us but we knew that they werenít. When we started the ride it was a little chilly but it got warmer. There was a whole lot of hills that were pretty tough. We started late so that would mean that we would get stuck during the hot part of the day. There was this one hill that at the beginning it was flat but then it got pretty steep. It was a tough one but my dad and I did it. It was pretty tough because we went up it during the hottest part of the day. At the top of it there was no shade no water nothing. We had to wait at the top of the hill for my mom before we went on.

When she got to the top she was pretty wore out so one of the roving sags had to drive her to Bardstown. My dad and I started on to Bardstown. There were a couple more tough hills but not that bad. When we got to Bardstown Keldaís girl scout troop was there selling cookies and cokes so that's where we went. My dad, Kelda, Sara, Gary, my friend Rachel, and her mom Amy went to the hotel that we were staying at. When we got there my mom was already there so we didnít have to worry about her. When we got checked into our rooms we all took showers and got ready to go out to dinner. Rachel, Lindsey, and Amy went to dinner with us to. Saraís mom, brother, and sister came too.

On Sunday we went to a school where they had breakfast and where all the bikes were over night. We started as early as possible so it was pretty cold. I had fun Saturday so I know I íll have fun going back home.


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