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January-February 2003 Newsletter

A Quick Look Back

by Tim Chilton, VP Touring

We certainly had a great year of cycling in 2002. I hate to see the cold weather move in and shut us down. While we are nestled into our warm homes, looking out into the sad blackness of long winter nights, let's look back on some of the highlights and lowlights of the 2002 LBC cycling season.

Toughest Ride of the Year: Michael Crawford's meandering ride from Madison, Ind., gets my vote as the single most difficult ride of the year. We endured seven or eight good climbs, one of them by mistake as a missing road sign and recently deposited grass clippings conspired to send all but a very few down a scary fast hill.

Most Whining on a Club Ride (group award): Easily, this occurred on the above ride when all of those who missed the turn had to turn around and grind ever so slowly out of a deep valley. The ride course was absolutely beautiful, though, and well worth the trip to Madison. The final mileage was around 64, but it felt more like 164.

Best Epic Adventure: Duc Do's WACKY/TACKY cross-state ride from Otter Creek Park to the Tennessee Line. We stopped at a general store filled with hanging wasps nests. We rode right through Amish country, marveling at their neat little carriages pulled by sturdy horses. I've now seen Amish volleyball, played by huge teams of clean cut boys dressed in black slacks and bright white dress shirts. We ate in Pig, Ky., and crossed a creek on an I-beam. Once in Tennessee, we ran straight into a group of bikini-wearing young girls with plenty of beer. Need I say more?

Best New Course: Michael Crawford gets my vote with his 50-mile course that wandered mostly northwest of Elizabethtown, Ky. Gently rolling terrain and perfect weather, complete with a good climb up Bee Hive hill. That's got to be put on the 2003 schedule!

Biggest Crunch: A massive pile-up on one of my rides out of Iroquois Park. Picture a pack of ten cyclists tooling along nicely when they are suddenly attacked by a vicious, heat-seeking kitty cat. Instant stop. Alan Darby took an ambulance ride but all came out with most of their parts working. That course will be forever known as the Road Kill Route.

Best Attempt by The Man to Keep Us Down: Louisville Police, acting on complaints by a small group of people, come out to give us the third degree on our regular Tuesday Night ride out of Cherokee Park. We took care of matters ourselves and rode off happily into the sunset.

Regular Route Most in Need of Change: This one is easy: the Sunday afternoon ride from Heine Brothers' Coffee in St. Matthews. I understand that the fine print says I only get one wife, but can't I ride a new course on Sunday afternoon at least once in a blue moon?

Most Liberating Moment: This came as I was leading a group of about 50 riders along Eastern Parkway towards Iroquois Park on a Tuesday evening. Lots of traffic vs. lots of cyclists. Cyclists win, no contest!

Best Century Course: This goes to the route that Mike Pitt has made famous: Boston-Munfordville-Boston. One good climb. Lots of rollers. Good eats. Beautiful countryside. Low traffic. Illicit drugs. OK, I'm joking about the drugs, but it is still a great century course.

Best Musical Performance: Jim Moore and the Traveling Mad Dogs. They do some old standards and then they do some really old standards. Complete the Mammoth Cave ride and be serenaded by the best. You can even request some Skynyrd!

Worst Article in a Cycling Club Newsletter: I know what you are thinking!


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