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January-February 2003 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

Well, we celebrated the end of another great season at our annual awards banquet on Saturday evening, December 7. More than 110 attended to applaud the accomplishments of individual cyclists, recognize contributions of volunteers and express our appreciation to sponsors for their support during the past year.

The business purpose of the meeting, which is required by our by-laws, was to elect club officers for the coming year. That process was bittersweet this year because five dedicated colleagues, who have served several terms, decided not to run again for their positions on the Executive Committee.

Here are the five departing officers:

  • Cheryl Brawner, who has served on the Executive Committee for five years, first as VP Racing and last as the voice of cyclists to the community as VP Advocacy;
  • Alan Darby, one of the club's most successful Touring VPs, who for two years led a program of unprecedented variety and depth;
  • Norm Minnick, who devoted three years as Communications VP and always managed to produce a good-reading newsletter;
  • AB Sandefur, our three-year Education VP, who brought to the task of instructing hard-headed cyclists the same expertise and zeal he displayed as a teacher and school principal for many years; and
  • Dave Stewart, who, in three years as VP Racing, reinvigorated the racing program, made Louisville a regional road racing destination and as a parting gift, moved us up on the cyclocross circuit.

It's great that two of the current officers, Treasurer Jim Tretter and Secretary Barbara Tretter, were willing to stand for election again and that you re-elected them. And I appreciate your continued support as President.

I'm looking forward to next year and to working with the new officers you elected: Tim Chilton, one of the original Mad Dogs and this year's yellow jersey winner, will be the new Touring VP. Stewart Prather, who served as club president some years ago and created, with his wife Deborah, the Old Kentucky Home Tour, will be the new VP Advocacy. Steve Sarson, a previous education volunteer of the year and winner last year of the club's top honor as LBC volunteer of the year, will be VP Education. And Joe Ward, recently retired as a Courier-Journal reporter and author of the Louisville best-selling book "Wheeling Around Louisville" will be VP Communications. I think you'll agree that we're on track at least to equal this year's performance.

Unfortunately, as of this writing no one has stepped forward to run for VP Racing. We talked a lot at the banquet about volunteering, including what happens when people don't. I'm still hoping that the racing community will not let the progress we've made evaporate.

Congratulations to the award winners, all of whom are listed here. But a few comments on folks who won championship jerseys during one of the most competitive seasons in years. Tim Chilton smashed the record book to win the men's yellow with 8444 miles! (And he actually rode a century on the Sunday after the banquet!) Pennie DuBarry won the women's yellow jersey with 5026 miles, beating all previous women's records (except, who else?, Bernice Martin, who racked up 5877 in 1998). The men's master's blue jersey went to Jay Palmer, his second blue (and he has won a yellow) with 6075 miles. And Mimi Beilman took the women's masters with 4739 miles, a real accomplishment for a second-year rider.

Club members selected by the Executive Commitee for volunteer awards deserve special recognition. There would be no successful club programs without their contributions. Nor would we even have a club without the dedication of the ride captains, who put together the best program of many seasons. Let's especially congratulate Lewis Miller for his creativity, which earned him Ride Captain of the Year, in starting RIFRAF (Riding into Fitness, Recreattion and Fun) rides for beginning riders and folks who just want to take it easy, and for the successful dinner rides.

The best was saved for last. Two members who led key programs were selected LBC Volunteers of the Year: Kathy Schmitt, who directed the 2002 Old Kentucky Home Tour, and Ellen Mueller, who co-led the Touring program over the last two years. The 25th OKHT had more riders, who had more fun, than any pervious tour. The touring program has never been better. Kathy and Ellen made a real difference to the quality of these programs and proved to be great representatives of the club.

Make sure you congratulate all the winners and especially be sure to thank the volunteer award winners for their hard work. And do your part in 2003 to make sure we have an even better year.

PS: Good news on a new VP Racing: Tom Vinson, a racer and former USA Cycling official who, recently returned home to Louisville from Boston, has been elected VP Racing by the Executive Committee. Tom and Dave Stewart, the out-going VP, have been discussing the position but things couldn't be finalized before officers were elected at the December 7 Annual Meeting. As provided by the club's bylaws, the Executive Committee acted for the members and elected Tom to the position. Check the January schedule for the general membership meeting and come out and welcome Tom.


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