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When Does My Membership Expire?

by Barbara Tretter - LBC Secretary

Good question, and it is the one I get asked most frequently. Several years ago, memberships ran from January to December, but the yearly renewal is now based on when you join, or renew. The easiest way to find your renewal date is on the label of your newsletter. Above your name is a line with a date 00/00/00 and a letter (I or F). The date is your individual renewal date and the letter identifies whether yours is an Individual or Family membership.

You might want to check that letter, especially if you think your family is signed up but you only sent in for an Individual membership. Also, every two months, as soon as the newsletters are mailed, I send out a post card reminding you of your upcoming renewal. If you don't receive a newsletter, that usually means your membership has expired, and you are also not receiving mileage. Sometimes it is due to computer error, but very rarely.

Hope this helps to clarify many of your questions. If you still are in the dark, you can call me or email me and I will try to help you.


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