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May-June 2003 Newsletter

Great New Changes for OKHT 2003!

by Kathy Schmitt - OKHT Director

Wow,the OKHT committee has lots of changes to report for the 2003 Old Kentucky Home Tour.

We are happy that our three main Supporting Sponsors are returning in 2003: Scheller's Fitness and Cycling, Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center, and Buffalo Trace. Without them, we couldn't succeed in providing our cyclists with a first-class and affordable two-day tour.

Also, Iím pleased to tell you that we have Nancy's Bagel Grounds and Heine Brothers Coffee returning as a Product Sponsor to get us off to a good start on Saturday morning. Please let the nice folks at all of these organizations know that as a participant in the OKHT, you value and appreciate their support!

We are currently pursuing a Sponsor for the Carriage Rides we offer in Bardstown. Let me know if your company or organization would like to be a sponsor. We are also tracking other sponsors to donate the fruit, bread, water, and ice! Call me with your ideas and contacts at info@okht.org.

New in 2003! A "One-Day Sunday Ride to the Cookie Stop and Back!" Have we been busy or what? This ride originates on Sunday, September 7th in Louisville at Tom Sawyer Park. Cyclists will ride out to the Cookie Stop and back for our Post-Ride Pizza Party. We recognized a need for folks that may or may not be able to squeeze a two-day ride into their already hectic schedules but still want to take advantage of all the fun.

Probably by the time you receive this newsletter, we will have unveiled our NEW OKHT Web site! As the new OKHT webmaster, John Paul has given the site a brand-new look, color, and feel. FAQs and new links are provided. Check it out at www.okht.org.

Along the way, we've got plenty of entertainment for you. The wonderful "Uncle" Mike Carr is returning from Rabbit Hash, Ky., to provide his unique blend of Appalachian music to the Sag Stop in Whitfield. In Bardstown the Juggernaut Jug Band will provide the evening's entertainment. From all I have heard about them, they should be quite entertaining! Molly Freibert will once again sooth our souls on Sunday with her lovely hammered dulcimer.

Afew years ago, two members of the club graciously donated their own money to provide a DJ at the lunch stop. They also made yummy "Gatoritas"for the crowd. It was really fun and that's the type of involvement and dedication we need. Would you like to donate money or your DJ talent or live entertainment talent to amuse the OKHT participants at the lunch stop in Fairfield? If you are interested in sponsoring the entertainment at the lunch stop, please contact me.

The 100-Mile Time Trial is a go again this year. Eddie Doerr has marketing efforts underway to reach those types of hearty souls that love to punish themselves by riding 100 hilly miles in the heat as fast as they can. Unique OKHT Time Trial Trophies have already been created for this year's Time Trial participants. Finally and sadly, I have to say that this is my last year as Tour Director. With a full-time job, a young family, and a second job moonlighting as a caterer, it has become increasingly difficult to squeeze in time for myself (like cycling for instance). For health reasons, I can no longer continue at this level of involvement. The LBC and the OKHT is actively looking for a new director for 2004. It takes just a little bit of organization, some writing skills, and a knack for endorsing our event all year long. But mostly you just need to ENJOY what you are doing for the CLUB ó and I did! If you are interested in becoming the next tour director, Earl Jones would love to hear from you. It would really sadden me to put the tour at risk of being cancelled or to go back to the one-day ride as we did in 1999. I hope that won't happen. In fact, most of the effort and hard work takes place year-round to ensure that all engagements are in place for that one weekend in September.

Anyway, I must get back to work! Our committee still has lots to do and still in need of help. I hope that all of you will donate.


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