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July-August 2003 Newsletter

LBC Advertising Policy

by Joe Ward, VP Communications

Though the club newsletter has always carried advertising, the executive committee has been unable to think of anybody to ask whether there has ever been a charge for advertising. Or who is eligible to advertise. Or what can be advertised.

So the board has decided to establish an advertising policy, which may change as time goes on. Any member who has suggestions about advertising should call them to the attention of Joe Ward, VP Communications.

Meanwhile, the executive board has declared the following to be the club newsletter's advertising policy until further notice:

The Louisville Bicycle Club will provide small advertisements free to bike shops and other purveyors of merchandise likely to be of interest to members provided such advertisers provide some benefit to members. Qualifying benefits may include some discount on merchandise, merchandise offered as door and raffle prizes for club events, mechanical support for rides, and similar considerations.

Sponsors of the Old Kentucky Home Tour shall receive advertising up to a full page in all editions of the club newsletter.

Members who have bicycles and other cycling equipment to sell may have one free advertisement each year in a section of classified ads to be inserted into the newsletter when the volume of requests is sufficient.

Members may purchase additional classified ads $5 an issue.

In addition, ads up to 1/8 of a page in size will be made available to other interested persons at a rate of $10 an issue or $50 for an entire year, except that the executive board may decline advertising deemed to be inappropriate or in bad taste.

The LBC Advertising Policy will go into effect with the September/October 2003 newsletter.


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