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July-August 2003 Newsletter


by Steve Sarson, VP Education

The riding season is in full swing — the weather is warm and club rides are well-attended. Riding safely and courteously is paramount to the success of the ride and the overall health and well-being of all riders. There are many things each and every one of us can do to insure a safe and successful riding season. The following points will make all of us better riders. Take a moment to review them and put them in practice on each and every ride. Let’s all ride safely and courteously, and have an accident-free riding season.

10 Commandments of Bicycling

  1. Always wear a helmet — Don’t become a “donor cyclist.”
  2. Always do the “ABC Quick-Check” before leaving to ride.
  3. Obey all traffic laws — You are considered a vehicle by law.
  4. Ride safely and predictably.
  5. Use intersections correctly — Right side of lane in your direction.
  6. Scan for traffic and signal lane changes and turns.
  7. Be prepared for minor mechanical emergencies — Carry tools and know how to use them.
  8. Control your bike and practice safe bike handling skills.
  9. Drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry.
  10. Have fun.

Tips For Safe Riding

  • Don’t yell “Clear” at intersections — cars can approach quickly.
  • Use hand and voice signals — “Slowing, braking, right turn, left turn, etc.”
  • Call out hazards — “Car up, car back, car right, car left, debris, glass, holes, etc.”
  • Ride in a straight line and be predictable.
  • Warn others by calling out “On your left ” when passing.
  • Never pass on the right.
  • Never ride on the sidewalk.
  • Stop for red lights and stop signs — Practice track stands.
  • Make eye contact with drivers to insure they see you, especially at intersections.
  • Riding two abreast is legal, but ride single-file on busy roads.
  • Thank vehicle drivers that allow you to turn or cross in front of them.
  • Wear bright colored clothes at all times.
  • Beware of parked cars — Watch for drivers opening doors or pulling into the traffic lane.
  • Avoid making obscene gestures or yelling at discourteous drivers.
  • Be prepared to make emergency maneuvers.
  • Be prepared for weather changes.
  • Know drafting do’s and don’ts.
  • Don’t ride alone if possible.

Bike Handling Class Schedule

July 7 - Jumping: How to lift your bike over a hazard to avoid snakebite flats and tire blowouts.

July 14 - Riding Tips: Things to do to improve riding safety, speed, turning, climbing, and shifting.

July 21 - Bumping: How to survive a bump, avoid panic, and stay upright.

July 28 - Track Stand: Definition, purpose, and advantage.

August 4 - Paceline: (1) How to ride in a paceline; (2) Why ride in a paceline; (3) What to avoid; (4) Courtesy and etiquette while riding in a paceline.

August 11 - Training and Nutrition: (1) How often should you ride; (2) How far; (3) What you should eat and drink; (4) How often.

August 18 - Riding with the LBC: Where rides start, starting times, distances, difficulty, ride captain responsibilities, how to read directions and distances on a cue sheet, what a Dan Henry road marking is.

August 25 - Fruit Ride: Come celebrate the end of the classes with a training ride followed by cold, fresh fruit and fellowship with fellow riders.

Every class includes the following:

  • 45 minutes of instruction by seasoned riders, followed by practice on your bike.
  • An easy, 10- to 12-mile ride with traffic, signals, stop signs, lights, busy roads, park roads, and subdivision streets.
  • Class participants are split into smaller groups of similar ability with instructors in the front and back of each group. Individual instruction/assistance if needed.
  • Rest stops if and when needed — nobody gets dropped or left behind.
  • Follow-up discussion after the ride.
  • Use of the Milestone Wellness Center lap pool, therapy pool or whirlpool after class until 10:00 pm.


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