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January-February 2004 Newsletter

Did You Miss Out on a Club Jersey?

by Marilee Martin

We are going to get an order up to reorder the club jersey. It is the one that is blue and green, LBC club colors, and sports a large fleur-de-lis with the beautiful silhouette of the Louisville skyline. (See a picture of the jersey.)

The jersey will be the same as the ones you see on the road now. The same "club cut" sizing. We need to sell at least 25 jerseys to make an order. The cost for the jersey will be $70.00. Hopefully, we can sell more than 25 and the price will come down. The next price break would make the jersey $60.00. Whatever the final cost price is, is your price.

I plan on placing the order the first part of March. We will have the jerseys for spring riding and, hopefully, have time to get a large order together. What we need is a $30.00 deposit with your size. Please make your check out to: Louisville Bicycle Club.

You can give me your order at any ride or you can send your order to me, Marilee Martin, at the address listed in the club directory.


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