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January-February 2004 Newsletter

Polar Bear Ride

by AB Sandefur

The LBC invites you to the Polar Bear Ride, a tradition started by Gil Morris. This ride is held each New Year’s Day, regardless of weather. It is actually more of a social event than a ride. Mileage is determined by the weather. The distance has been as little as four blocks and as much as 20 miles. The average distance is about five miles. In 2001, there were four inches of snow and the only way to stop was by unclipping and putting both feet down and skating to a wobbly stop. Turning was barely possible while moving. Also it was so cold everyone turned back after a few blocks.

All club members are invited; non-riding spouses are also welcome. Even many otherwise serious riders stay inside and drink coffee and socialize. This is a chance for spouses to be a part of the club when they usually feel excluded. The event is free. No reservations are required. Chili and drinks (coffee and tea) are free. Bring a side dish or dessert.

So, come and join us and work off that hangover or that extra five pounds you gained over the holidays. Poor Richards’ Almanac says that what you do the first day of the year, you will be doing for most of the next 364 days. Sitting on the couch or riding — your choice.

Therefore, get out of bed, take a couple of aspirins and come on over between 10:00 am and 11:00 am for coffee. Then try out that new bike or jacket or heavy gloves or tights you got for Christmas on a ride of a few blocks or a few miles and then thaw out with something non-alcoholic guaranteed to warm you up from the inside out.

See you January 1, 2004.

And don't forget the bike swap meet where you might be able to sell unneeded cycling items or find a real bargain. All you have to do is bring anything you have to sell, marked with your name and the price. So get out that old saddle or jersey, or cassette or pedals or whatever and come out and enjoy the ride.

Bike Swap Added To Polar Bear Ride

Even if you don't plan to ride the Polar Bear Ride on New Year's Day, come to the post-ride swap meet and look for bargains or to sell cycling-related items that you no longer need. If Santa made a mistake and left something that was too big or not your favorite color, bring it to swap for something more to your liking. If Santa forgot you, maybe you can find something that suits you. Stay for the post-ride lunch.

Joe Ward picked up the idea for an off-season bike swap from the Bluegrass Bicycle Club mailing list. The Executive Committee thought it would be a nice addition to the Polar Bear Ride.

Mark all items with your name and the suggested price and place them on the tables that will be provided in the meeting room at the Broadway Baptist Church on Brownsboro Rd. (near Chenoweth Ln.), location of the ride-start.

If successful, the swap will become a regular part of the post-ride activities.


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