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March-April 2004 Newsletter

The Itch

by Michael Seiler, VP Racing

The itch usually starts after the holidays. The final race of last year is a distant memory and those couple of pounds you picked up in those months are begging to be burned off out on the road or in the recesses of the house on the trainer.

The racing itch I am talking about is powerful and there is only one thing that you can do to scratch it — race. Luckily, just when you think you can’t stand another minute wrapped up like a seven-layer burrito out on the road or toiling away on the rollers, it’s February and that means the first race is just around the corner. More importantly, it means the Spring Classics Series is almost here.

This year, with Team Louisville’s own Cary Shields providing the energy, the Spring Classics Series (SCS) has undergone some exciting changes to make the events better and the racing hotter even in February. The first race of the SCS is the traditional (dare I say classic) L’Esprit Road Race outside of LaGrange on February 28. As the first race of the season and being on our home turf, the Team Louisville and Team UPS folks will really be gunning to do well. There will be a second edition of L’Esprit in April that will give everyone an opportunity to make amends or defend their title.

One of the biggest and most exciting changes this year involves the Shawnee Park Criterium in March. This year, Republic Bank has thrown their support behind this event. Their financial support will allow us to offer more prize money and that means more racers which means more exciting racing. If you missed the Shawnee Park Criterium last year, you won’t want to miss this year’s edition. This is a true spectator’s course as you can see the riders the whole time they are riding.

One of the keys to pulling off a successful event is volunteers. Cary has been blessed with a good core group of folks but we can always use more folks. Having more folks means we can spread the work into smaller tasks so your commitment is smaller. If you’re racing, get the spouse, girl/boyfriend, or family member to help with sign up or sweeping a corner before they watch you race. If you are a racer, make sure you do your part to support racing by helping out. Folks interested in volunteering can contact me (michael@justsocks.com) or Cary Shields (raceyaus@yahoo.com).

These first few races are also a great time for those of you who have been thinking about racing to come give it a try. The races are close. The entry fees go back to the team and your family and friends can come cheer you on. If you have an interest in testing the racing waters but have questions, please feel free to contact me directly (michael@justsocks.com). But, be warned. Once you get the itch, the only cure is more racing. See you on the roads.


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