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March-April 2004 Newsletter

Seeking the Perfect Wheel . . .

by Cheryl Brawner

Notice: This Paceline Rides series is cancelled due to scheduling difficulties. If and when it's re-scheduled, it'll be announced on the LBC Web site. [Ed.]

Everyone who has ever experienced being pulled along in a paceline, flying down the road in perfect unison with your fellow riders, knows how much easier and enjoyable it can make a club ride. Would you like to . . .

  • Learn how to ride more comfortably in a paceline?
  • Hone already-learned skills, and perhaps help others learn?
  • Become a more efficient rider?
  • Become a more courteous rider (you may not know that you're not!)?
  • Become a safer rider?

Then April's Paceline Rides are for you! Plan on a month's worth of Mondays having FUN with your friends while learning how to become a better rider!

There will be a short lecture prior to setting out to work in the closed and safe confines of Lot E at Southeast Christian Church, then hitting the road to perfect those skills in the real world.

So come join us it is guaranteed to make you a safer, faster, more courteous and efficient rider, and who doesn't want to be all these things? And, your paceline buddies will love riding with you this year!

Please enter from the Blankenbaker Rd. (main) entrance all other entrances will be closed. Check out the April ride schedule for more details.


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