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March-April 2004 Newsletter


by Earl Jones

Weíre far enough into 2004 that last year has become just another past season, one in which you realized your goals or, like most of us, fell short. I think Iím in that second group. At the top of my list of 2003 leftovers? Riding another century and going on a fabulous cycling vacation.

About centuries. I admit it: Iíve become a centurphobe, someone afraid to bicycle 100 miles. My brain canít remember the last century I rode, which might be why the idea of a century still excites me but not the reality. The bodyís memory of the pain and its acknowledgment itís not as fit as it used to be, overcome reason and logic.

In these Years of the Dog, which began in 2002 — Iím not referring to the Chinese calendar but the LBC Mad Dogs — this is a difficult admission to make, especially for the club president. Tim Chilton recently announced the season-long Tour de Mad Dog. Trophies will be awarded to the winners. Centuries will remain a big part of the LBC ride schedules. I guess Iíll have to join íem.

Iíll need the obligatory dog-hyphenated sobriquet. So Iím announcing a Mad Dog-naming contest. I want to be ready. Iím confident that 750 LBC members can come up with a suitable name for yours truly. A treasure trove of prizes will be given to the LBC member who submits the winning entry, including selecting the century I ride, riding along with me and a world-famous LBC mug. See the end of this article for the contest rules.

The great cycling vacation is another unfulfilled quest. Some trips, like the 1994 tour in Arizona where we rode from the Grand Canyon to Mexico, are memorable for being exhilarating and difficult. Others, like the 2000 trip to Tuscany, had their difficult moments but the food, wine, history and art, and the company of the 12 other LBC members, make it the trip against which future trips will be judged. France and Spain sound good. Stay tuned. This could be the year for another LBC group tour.

Mad Dog-naming Contest Rules:

  1. Entries must be submitted by midnight May 1.
  2. Mean-spirited names that call attention to age or weight will be disqualified. Suck-up and flattering names will receive extra points.
  3. Contestants who submit pre-ride affidavits that I completed the ride will receive double points.


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