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May-June 2004 Newsletter

Bike-to-Work Week

Have you ever wanted the chance to ride your bike to work but because of one reason or another backed out? Well, here is your chance to join hundreds of other Louisville area cyclists who ride their passion to their job and then back home again several times a week.

According to the 2000 US Census around 1,000 cyclist commute to work in Metro Louisville. They have many reasons to commute. Some do it for their health. Some want to save money. Others do it to cut down on pollution. Or maybe they just enjoy the ride. But it takes more than a bike and a job to commute. It takes preparation.

During Bike-to-Work Week the Louisville Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will help you prepare to get to your job safe and sound.

Will the commute involve a bus or can I bike all the way? Is there a safe route from home to work? What if it rains? Can I take a shower at work? Do I have enough time? Where will I park my bike where it is safe? How much money can I save by bike commuting?

These are some many questions that we hope to answer. And during the coming months you will hear local cyclists promoting the benefits of riding. They will challenge you to try bike commuting once during the week. And then on Friday, May 21, 2004, join fellow Bike-to-Work Week commuters at a noontime celebration in Jefferson Square.

Watch for other Bike-to-Work Week events to be announced in the near future. And if you want to start commuting before May 16th much of the information including bike maps and travel suggestions can be found through the Links page of the Louisville Bicycling Club Web site.


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