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May-June 2004 Newsletter

Letter to Metro Parks Director Mike Heitz

by Earl Jones

Mike, this is a formal request to meet with you and others on your staff to discuss the [Seneca Park Road and Pee Wee Reese Drive] intersection and the numerous cyclist-automobile collisions that have occurred over the years. I have been told, but have no information, that auto-auto collisions have also occurred. And, as you know, this is also a golf cart and walking golfer crossing, which adds yet to the congestion.

In an earlier e-mail to Bill Herron I asked whether an accident reconstructionist would help better understand the most recent accident at this location to ensure that any proposed changes address the real problems. This was suggested by a cyclist, who is also a law enforcement officer.

The congestion, sight lines and the terrain in this part of the park require a comprehensive response that addresses all the risks. And that response must recognize that the intersection is in a park, a place of leisure, recreation and contemplation. It is not just a roadway or a connector to a roadway. For these reasons, while any number of solutions might be effective, the cycling community will reject a traditional roadway-specific solution, including one based on signage or speed bumps, which present their own hazards to cyclists.

Please let me know when you will be available to meet with me and a small group of concerned cyclists. I know you have many issues confronting you. An energized cycling community, supported by other recreational users, park advocates and concerned motorists can, hopefully, make this one easy to resolve.

Earl Jones, President
Louisville Bicycle Club


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