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May-June 2004 Newsletter

27th Annual Old Kentucky Home Tour

by Lewis Miller, OKHT Sponsor Liaison & Marketing Guru

Don’t wait until September 11 and 12th to enjoy the friendship and excitement of the Old Kentucky Home Tour – join the fanatical, festive, fun-loving, friendly volunteers who are already planning to make this year the best ever!

Last year set all-time records, but this year we’re planning for even more riders and even more fun! The OKHT team has started planning this year’s event, the sponsors are getting on board, and weekly bribes are being sent to the weather forecasters. There's even a contest to design this year's jersey, with all the details spelled out here. So if you’re wondering “Where Is My Place?” (W.I.M.P.) in all the buzz and excitement, snap out of it! If winter has kicked you in the “Absolutely Solitary Syndrome” (also known by its initials), get a grip!

Join the P.A.R.T.Y. (Planning Amazing Rides This Year) by contacting OKHT Director Kathy Schmitt or anyone on the OKHT team to see how you can contribute. You can get a head start on all the excitement!

Lewis Miller
OKHT 2004 Sponsor Liaison

Kathy Schmitt
OKHT Director 2004

Karen Jaworski
Volunteer Coordinator


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