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July-August 2004 Newsletter

27th Annual Old Kentucky Home Tour

by Kathy Schmitt, 2004 OKHT Director

Last yearís Old Kentucky Home Tour couldnít have been better. The weather, the cyclists, the entertainment, the time trial, and the happy volunteers all made for a very delightful weekend. Thanks to the efforts of many, the OKHT has become a major cycling event in this region. We want to repeat and improve upon that success.

Itís always a challenge to provide something new each year, to accommodate growth, and at the same time keep features of the tour that make it a familiar favorite. Many of you will be pleased to see the progress the OKHT committee has made. We welcome a new Supporting Sponsor to our honored list ó the Sam Swope Auto Group. They will be underwriting our new OKHT Safety Initiative. Youíll be very happy to hear that we have secured a new caterer at Spalding Hall for the ďAll-You-Can-EatĒ pasta dinner (see article about Bistro 535). Plus, more port-a-pots, changes to lunch/pizza queues, some changes at the SAG stops, and other subtle improvements.

The OKHT wants to make sure each of you are aware of the following specific points to make note of for a safe and successful tour.

Safety: In 2004, we will have a mandatory safety class for all OKHT participants. Donít worry! It wonít be as painful as it sounds. The video/class will last no longer than ten minutes. In addition, we hope to have Friday night pre-registration pickup to be able to move more of you in and out of registration faster.

Parking: Please do your best to carpool this year. E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park has a limited amount of parking spaces. The OKHT has agreed to park the majority of the vehicles in the grassy lot across the street from Sawyerís main parking lot. Please try to work with us on this. The luggage truck will be parked nearby.

Cookies: Donít forget!Our cookie stop is stocked with cookies from you. All cyclists should bring at least two dozen homemade or store-bought cookies for the cookie stop. Bake 'em, Buy 'em, but Bring 'em!

Finally, Volunteers: We absolutely need just over 200 volunteers to make this a success. See Karenís article and do your part. Thanks!

Have a safe cycling summer!


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