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July-August 2004 Newsletter

Calling All OKHT Volunteers

by Karen Jaworski, OKHT Volunteer Coordinator

The Old Kentucky Home Tour is in need of volunteers. If you’ve ridden the ride in the past, perhaps you’ll consider volunteering to help others enjoy the ride this year.

There are many opportunities to volunteer: some take place during the event, others take place prior to the event, and still more take place after the event. The Old Kentucky Home Tour is only as good as we make it! This is the LBC premier event of the season. Won’t you commit to helping out? Best of all, volunteers who give four hours of their time ride free.

Remember, all volunteers must register for OKHT even if they are not planning on doing the ride. Simply write VOLUNTEER in the ride registration fee area. Please note: you will not be able to register online if you plan on volunteering. All volunteers will receive a special volunteer T-Shirt. Sign up early and volunteer for more than one position!

See the listing and description of the types of volunteer opportunities available below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact volunteer coordinator Karen Jaworski at 244-0144 or volunteer@okht.org. Let’s make OKHT 2004 one of the best ever!

Volunteer Opportunities

SAG stop workers (put out refreshments for those thirsty and hungry riders)

  • We need at least 10 volunteers who don’t mind taking responsibility and heading up a SAG stop.
  • We have 7 SAG stops on Saturday alone; we need at least 6 people to work each SAG
  • We have 3 SAG stops on Sunday; we need at least 6 people to work each SAG
  • Sunday Cookie Stop: We need at least 4 volunteers to help direct riders to the SAG stop and off the road in a safe manner.

Lunch Stop Workers (Saturday - help hungry riders get in line for lunch and mark wrist bands)

  • We need at least 4 volunteers to help riders queue up for lunch
  • Volunteers will check for wrist bands, and will mark wrist band with and X to signify lunch has been received
  • Volunteers will also make sure there’s enough liquid refreshment available to all riders

Roving SAGs (ride in your car and help those in need)

  • We need at least 7 volunteers who have some mechanical knowledge, who have cars that can carry bikes, people, ice, water, tubes, tires, and first aid kits for the three routes on Saturday
  • We need 4 volunteers for the return route on Sunday

Parking Lot Volunteers (direct drivers to specific parking spaces)

  • With ever-increasing numbers of riders, we need at least 7 volunteers to help us coordinate parking in the E.P. “Tom” Sawyer parking lot and in the grassy lot across the street
  • Volunteers could help with parking then go out and ride

Sign Distribution (distribute signs advertising OKHT and signs warning drivers of cyclists in the area)

  • We need at least 10 volunteers to distribute signs prior to OKHT to a variety of bike stores and shops advertising the event
  • Those same volunteers would help distribute signs warning motorists that there will be many cyclists in the area. This is done prior to the event, at several locations.

Spalding Hall Bardstown (welcome riders, answer questions, direct them to food, fruit and massages)

  • We need at least 4 volunteers to work the welcome/info table in Bardstown, as well as to work the final SAG stop of the ride.

Packet Stuffing (we actually put all the OKHT info into packets for each participant)

  • We need at least 30 volunteers to help us stuff all the packets.

Cookie Calls (we need folks who aren’t bashful to ask others for cookies for our Sunday cookie stop)

  • We need at least 8 outgoing volunteers who have time to make phone calls to all registered riders reminding them to bring cookies.

SAG Shopping/Food Division (we need volunteers to help us buy the food we use and help us distribute the food for the various SAG stops)

  • We need at least 8 volunteers to help us shop and divide the food for Saturday’s SAGs
  • We need at least 6 volunteers to help us divide the food for Sunday’s SAGs. This is done in Bardstown on Saturday night after the ride.

Route Marking (all the routes need to be marked with paint)

  • We need at least 10 volunteers under the guidance of Joe Argabrite to help mark the route.

Truck Drivers (we need help driving two large rental trucks with all bags and supplies to and from Bardstown)

  • We need 2 volunteers for Saturday and 2 for Sunday

Breakfast (we put on a great breakfast on Sunday morning)

  • We need at least 10 volunteers to help us with set up, clean up, and everything in between.

Post Ride Pizza Party (we need help distributing pizza in an orderly manner). Pizza appears to be “gold” at the end of the ride Sunday. We need at least 8-10 volunteers to:

  • Check arm bands prior to getting pizza,
  • Help folks get their 2 slices,
  • Take off arm bands after pizza has been taken,
  • Keep folks in some type of line.

Medical Assistance (each year we have a few riders who end up needing transportation to or from the hospital)

  • We need at least 1-2 nurses or medically trained personnel who would be available to help transport riders to a local hospital in Bardstown.


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