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September-October 2004 Newsletter

Advocacy Matters

by Stewart Prather, VP Advocacy

The times they are a changing. Well, maybe not but there is progress in the advocacy arena. Would you believe that Metro Government wants to have a cycling summit in Louisville? While everything is still very tentative, it appears that Mayor Jerry Abramson is committed to making this area more cycling-friendly.

Dave Stewart and Brad Swope are hard at work developing their “One Road” concept. There seems to be no question that relations between drivers and other road users could benefit from a successful program.

On a more concrete level, the design work for the intersection changes in Seneca Park are almost complete and the contracts are soon to be bid. We are told to expect dirt to be moved in September.

Barry Zalph is forming Bicycling for Louisville, a full-time bicycling advocacy organization (see article). As the concept is developed, there will be many opportunities for you to show your support.

While Louisville has a way to go before it is likely to be competing as one of Bicycling Magazine’s Top Ten cities for cycling, things are looking up.

Keep up the good works.


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