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September-October 2004 Newsletter

LBC Racing Mid-Season Report

by Michael Seiler, VP Racing

My wife had a little celebration on Sunday, July 25th. No, it was not for Lance’s historic 6th Tour victory. Rather, she celebrated the fact that she was no longer a Tour Widow. At one point during July, I think she actually said, “If you love Lance so much, why don’t you marry him?”

The Tour always sparks a renewed interest in the bike, but it also signals the midpoint of the racing season. When I looked at the team we had at the start of the year, I knew we would be pretty good. And now at the midpoint, I realize I underestimated the team in a big way.

From the pleasant surprises of newcomers like Aaron Werner and Rich MacInnes to the steady results posted by some of the old timers like Brad Wunderlich and Jude Clark, this team has taken the region by storm. You don’t need to look any further than the recent KY/IN District Road Race results to know that:

Cat 3 — Aaron Werner (KY 1st), Darryl Benefiel (KY 2nd), John Mandrola (KY 3rd)
Masters 30+ — James Gray (KY 2nd) – UPS
Masters 50+ — Walter Lay (KY 1st)
Women — Tracy Huber (Race Winner and KY Champion)

Tracy Huber has taken the women’s scene and turned it upside down. When Tracy enters a race, most of the women realize they are racing for second place. Tracy has also been very helpful in nursing along our budding women’s racing group. Every time I see them, their numbers keep growing. Keep up the good work, ladies.

We have also had a fair number of new team members like Scott Binzer and Joe Collins who decided to get a taste of racing. They have always finished solidly and I am looking forward to them progressing even more next year.

And finally, hardly a month goes by without an e-mail from Mark French detailing how he and Moe Kunz have traveled somewhere to win some mountain bike race. Their exploits show how deep and talented this team truly is.

I am confident the results will keep coming even as the road racing ends and cyclocross begins. I hope to be writing again next time with news that we have a couple of Masters Champions in our midst as well. Allez Vite!


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