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November-December 2004 Newsletter

2004 Bike Handling/New Rider Classes

by Steve Sarson

The Education Committee of the Louisville Bicycle Club recently concluded four months of Monday night classes designed to help new riders improve their riding skills and confidence. Over 80 new riders attended throughout the summer, with an average attendance of 45 riders each night. These new riders ranged in age from nine to sixty-six. Thanks to good weather throughout the summer, we were able to cover all our topics, practice the newly covered skills and only miss one ride due to a late-day storm.

Skills and topics covered included road safety, pacelines, bumping, jumping, tight turns, flat repair, bike fit, gearing and shifting, track stands, minor maintenance tips, training, nutrition, and clothing and gear.

A survey taken at the end of the last class session revealed the following:

  1. The participants generally agreed that the classes improved their overall riding skills.
  2. Participants enjoyed the one-on-one personal instruction and coaching.
  3. They liked riding in small groups with two or more instructors.
  4. They enjoyed riding with other new riders.
  5. Liked staying together during the rides — no new riders left behind.
  6. Did not like starting late, à la Wheelmen Time.
  7. Suggested using cue sheets for training rides.
  8. Wanted/needed more instruction on basic bike maintenance.
  9. Many have already become new members, and most said they planned on joining the LBC.
  10. Many expressed a desire to ride the OKHT, and quite a few actually did.

Many of the new riders have already joined us for club rides. Approximately 20 participated in the OKHT, both as riders and volunteers. Please welcome these new riders on upcoming rides.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Milestone Wellness Center for providing us space to hold these classes and use of their pool facilities after the class. Many volunteer instructors were there every Monday night, donating time to teach, help and encourage these new riders. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the volunteers who were there every Monday night and made these classes a success: AB Sandefur, Phil Patterson, David Wittry, Connie Guild, John Samways, Leslie Marlin, Michelle Sarson, Gary Price, Sarah Price, and Karen Jaworski. Also, thanks to Glenn Todd for his nutrition presentation. I would also like to thank Betty Sandefur and Rita Sarson for putting together the “Graduation Night Fruit Ride.” Thanks to the efforts of all these volunteers, the classes were once again a great success.


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