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November-December 2004 Newsletter

Local Cyclists Win Gold in Pikeville

by Marilyn Minnick

ďWhy in the world would you drive all the way to Pikeville to race when you know you canít win?Ē Iím sure many of our friends and acquaintances bite their tongues to keep from saying it and a couple people did say it to us. Why would we drive four hours to compete in a race when we are not racers? We had not trained and at least one of us had not done a ride over 40 miles all season. So why would we go, to be humiliated by the competitors coming from across the state?

Well, because we have never, ever competed in a real race and because it sounded like FUN! Just say road trip and we are packed and ready to go. Pikeville, here we come!

Joe Thomas, Barbara Tretter and I represented LBC and accepted the challenge of competing in cycling in the State Senior Games for participants age 50 and up. Aurilla Lesley and Tom Higginbotham from Louisville also competed.

We arrived in Pikeville on Tuesday and after registering, we headed out to ride the course. Pikeville is surrounded by mountains, but thank goodness the course was flat. It would be set up like a time trial, racing against the clock through the center of town. Wednesday morning we were ready to go. After making final arrangements for podium guys (aka podium girls in the Tour de France) and award presentations (late night trip to the local WalMart ó were we overconfident?) we headed out to race. And what a race it was! With blinding speed Barbara and I (55-59 age group) took gold and silver medals. Joe Thomas took three golds. Aurilla Lesley and Tom Higginbotham also took gold. Gold and silver medals guaranteed us a spot in the National Senior Olympics in Pittsburgh in June 2005. Watch out Pittsburgh, the golden girls are on the way! The games will be held June 7-11, in case any of you wish to schedule your vacation time and go with us.

Barbara and I wish to thank our racing advisors, Scott Anderson, Mark Luking and everyone else who tried to get us to take it seriously, for racing tips which helped us nail our races. (You donít really want us to train for Pittsburgh, do you?) Also, special thanks to the LBC racing team for the jerseys. We looked really good in those jerseys, and for us girls ó looking good is what itís all about.

Now,let the sponsorship bidding wars begin. We can be bought!

The following are the race results:

1-mile Sprint 5 K 10 K
Joe Thomas Gold Gold Gold
Barbara Tretter Silver Gold Gold
Marilyn Minnick Gold Silver Silver
Aurilla Lesley Gold Gold Gold
Tom Higginbotham Gold Gold Gold


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