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November-December 2004 Newsletter

From the President

by Earl Jones

This is the newsletter for which I usually write an article reflecting on the season just ending. It was quite a season. We had more rides with more riders than any prior season. We rode more miles in more places than ever. There were more of us this year as membership reached an all-time high. This year's Old Kentucky Home Tour was the most successful ever with more people registered (and more homemade cookies!) than in the previous 26 years.

There were notable low points, too. First, there were the Seneca Park collisions. There were at least two hit-and-runs. And several cases one notorious of objects thrown from cars at cyclists. Some good did come out of the bad: The cycling community went on the offensive. We got private investigators involved in the hit-and-runs and provided volunteer legal help. We demanded that police and prosecutors do their jobs to enforce traffic laws and prosecute motorists who think cyclists are fair game for road rage.

The redesign of the Seneca Park Road-Pee Wee Reese Way intersection in Seneca Park is tangible evidence that we are making an impact. We expect much more to come next year as a result of Mayor Abramson's bike summit to be held in February. We'll have more news about that in the next newsletter.

I could write more about horrible road encounters. But there's another horror I need to inform members about, something almost as frightening as the hit-and-runs and nearly more dangerous than hurled projectiles.


Mindless automatons aimlessly meandering for miles. Hordes of them began showing up at club rides this year. They don't seem to have destinations other than accumulating more miles. You can spot them by the vacant look in their eyes and the strange posture, the result, no doubt, of the loss of fine muscle control that comes from being stuck on a bike for days at a time.

If you haven't seen them at rides, you can watch their antics on the [kycyclist] mailing list. The mindlessness of endless mileage has caused endless mindless postings.

Can anything arrest this advancing mindlessness? Is there an antidote that members can take to prevent infection? We can only hope that when the zombie feast day, known to the rest of us as Halloween, passes the infected will leave the scene. Fortunately, a vaccine has been developed. If administered before the next season, the spread of the infection will end.

Unlike the shortage of flu vaccine, anti-zombie shots are plentiful. You can get yours at the LBC Awards Banquet on December 4, 2004 from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Captain's Quarter Restaurant off Upper River Road.

I hope everyone can be there. Think of your family.


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