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January-February 2005 Newsletter

Advocacy Matters

by Stewart Prather, VP Advocacy

2005 is your chance to get involved in Advocacy!

2004 was a significant year in terms of the Clubís advocacy efforts. The most visible results are the changes in Seneca Park. Unfortunately, these changes only came as a result of a series of riders being injured.

Hopefully, there is a more effective, or at least less painful, way of promoting changes that improve bicycling in the Metro Area. After years of mostly quiet, behind the scenes efforts of a few committed cycling advocates, it appears that 2005 will be an even more significant year.

Elsewhere you have read about the upcoming Bicycle Summit, driven by Mayor Abramsonís determination to make Louisville a more healthy community. On February 7, a number of club members will participate in a two-day seminar devoted to discovering how Louisville can become a bicycle friendly community. Congresswoman Anne Northup has obtained federal funds that make converting the Big Four Bridge to a bicycle and pedestrian crossing that will not involve fighting the heavy traffic on the Clark Memorial Bridge. Believe it or not, both the new bridges to be constructed are pledged to have bicycle facilities incorporated into the structure. LBC was one of several community organizations invited to be on the Citizens Advisory Board for these projects.

All this activity means that there are many opportunities for club members to get involved in advocacy matters. Advocacy involves a willingness to attend public meetings, taking the time to learn the vocabulary, taking the time to write letters (yes, real letters are many times more effective than e-mail), and equally important, taking the time to think about what would really promote cycling and learning to distinguish those things that sound good but result in a loss of rights or safety.

Iím asking for your help. I am forming an Advocacy Committee to assist me in providing a voice for the club and cyclists in general. The members will be charged with assisting in representing the club whenever the LBC is asked to participate in matters relating to bicycling. You will be asked to help us decide what position the club should take when bicycling issues arise. If youíre interested in helping, send me an email: advocacy@louisvillebicycleclub.org and please include advocacy in the subject line. After I find out who is willing to help, we will schedule a meeting to discuss how you can be most effective. I look forward to your help.

Louisville Bicycle Summit

Volunteers needed! No experience or special talents necessary!

We need 10-12 volunteers (5-6 per day) to help during the Louisville Bicycle Summit on February 7-8, 2005 at the Humana Tower. The work will be light (probably running, mostly, for folks staffing the Summit). If you are available to help during the day, on either day, morning and/or afternoon, please call me at 895-6018 (leave a message, please) or e-mail me (preferable) at cbrawner@bellsouth.net.


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