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January-February 2005 Newsletter

OKHT Thanks

by Kathy Schmitt, 2004 OKHT Director

Dear LBC members,

Wow - you guys really make it tough to walk away from the OKHT. Thatís your plan, isnít it? Iím still working on finishing my book, "Running a Successful Bike Tour or How to Inspire Mindless Cyclists to Help Run a Successful Bike Tour." No, really ó thanks so much for the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2004. I am honored to serve again as your OKHT Director 2005 (Iím such a pushover!). Every year is a bit of a struggle as we all try to balance family, work, life, school, and oh yeah, still squeeze in some cycling. I might not have agreed so quickly to do this in 2005 but two LBC members approached me about helping out with some huge holes to fill.

The LBC and the OKHT owe a great deal of thanks to Karen Jaworski for her efforts as the OKHT Volunteer Coordinator for the past two years. Itís a big job! With her departure I am pleased to announce that Tracy Barnes and Marion Vaningen have stepped forward to work as a team to coordinate our volunteers for 2005. Iím really looking forward to working with my capable Ya-Ya sisters. You will be hearing more from them this Spring and Summer. Next . . .

WANTED: Director Apprentice. As this will be my last year as Director (seriously) the club needs to find a successor. As I need to focus on my family, my career, graduate studies, and cycling a little more ó the entire club must take some responsibility and get involved. Iíll teach you everything I know and you can contribute to my book. Just think, you, too, could be a lucky recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2005, 2006, and beyond. You really donít want me to win it again, do you?

Another big job to fill . . .

WANTED: SAG Committee Person(s). This job can be one individual or a team to share duties. This position involves maintaining a spreadsheet of the inventory needed for each sag stop, coordinating the purchase of food items, logistics, and distribution of SAG items for the weekend. This job can be accomplished by an organized individual in a few weekends (with a small team) AND have the ability to ride ALL OKHT WEEKEND (even the century). Donít worry, you donít have to re-invent the wheel ó itís all written down AND your dear OKHT Director will train you.

All qualified and (non-qualified) applicants will be considered. The OKHT is waiting to hear from our pool of talented and resourceful club members very soon. OKHT committee meetings will begin in early spring. They are fun-filled, spirited meetings attended by other talented LBC members and they never conflict with club rides (Jim Tretter wonít hear of it). Get your name on the list to make points toward earning the coveted VOLUNTEER of the YEAR AWARD in 2005, 2006 and beyond. You donít want me to win it again, do you?

Please apply at info@okht.org.

Your humble servant,
Kathy Schmitt


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