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January-February 2005 Newsletter

From the President
Going to Extremes

by Earl Jones

2004 was a year of extremes. Extreme miles and an extremely large number of rides. Extremely happy club members and extremely Mad Dogs. Extremely bad attacks on cyclists and extremely good club publicity. An extremely entertaining safety video for the extremely larger number of OKHT participants.

Twenty-three ride captains led 10 or more rides; AB Sandefur was way out front with 41. A record 47 riders became members of the Century Club, i.e. they rode at least five centuries this season; fifteen rode more than 20, led by Mike Pitt at 36!

Almost everything was bigger and usually better. So it wasnít a surprise that the 2004 awards banquet followed the pattern: 150 LBC members and friends, the largest number ever, met at Captainís Quarters restaurant on Upper River Road for the annual meeting to elect officers, recognize the achievements of individual cyclists and honor our volunteers. If weíd had more room, 175 would have attended.

It was a wonderful evening even though the quarters were tight. The eveningís top award, LBC Volunteer of the Year, went to two members. Kathy Schmitt, tour director for the Old Kentucky Home Tour for 2002, 2003 and 2004, was recognized for the great job she has done to grow the event. In 2004, 1400 riders participated. This was the largest number ever. And the Swope Group Auto Dealers became a major sponsor, joining long-term sponsors Baptist East/Milestone Fitness Center, Buffalo Trace Distillery and Schellerís Fitness and Cycling.

Tim Chilton, VP Touring, also received the top award. The 2004 statistics (see sidebar) are the best evidence of Timís dedication and imagination in creating one of the best ride schedules in the U.S. Some 59 riders participated in the Tour de Mad Dog challenge with 22 completing it, sparking the 2004 season and getting new riders involved in the club.

Winners of the volunteer awards for the club programs were: Cheryl Brawner, Advocacy; Sara Ferebee, Communications; AB Sandefur, Education; Mike Pitt, Touring; Old Kentucky Home Tour, Lewis Miller; and David Schmidt and Cary Shields, Racing. Jon Wheat was selected as Ride Captain of the Year.

Fifty-seven club members were awarded the traditional LBC mug. These volunteers are the heart of the club. They volunteer day-in and day-out to support our programs (see complete list here.)

These volunteers and 100 others were given new LBC socks for their work on the Old Kentucky Home Tour.

The following racers were recognized for superior individual achievement: Duffy Schneiter and Rich MacInnes, most-improved road racers; Maureen Kunz, MTB racer of the year; and Tracy Huber and Aaron Werner, road racers of the year.

The touring program recognized Jay Palmer, first to achieve 75,000 lifetime miles; Dave Runge, who reached 50,000; and Tim Chilton, Rick Croslin and Joe Proctor, who reached the 25,000-mile mark.

Tracy Barnes, Mike Kamenish and Jon Wheat were named most improved riders. The masters touring champions were Vicky Dobbs and Carl Davis, and the overall touring champions were Susan Howell, with a record-setting 10,273 miles in the season, and Jim Tretter, whose new retirement allowed him to record 8,793 miles, which would have been the record any other year.

Finally, taking care of the principal business activity of the annual meeting, the assembled members re-elected the Executive Committee. We appreciate the vote of confidence and that you support the direction the club has been taking.

2004 was an extremely good year. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2005, which I'll start off on the bike at the New Year's Day Polar Bear Ride. We'll also have our annual bike swap and a membership meeting, too. I hope to see you there.


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