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Louisville Bicycle Summit
Track Recommendations

To read the full recommendations presented during the summit, please visit www.louisvillebicyclesummit.com where you can download a PDF copy of each track's presentation.

Track 1a – On-Road Facilities

  • Create a regional bicycle and pedestrian network in the KIPDA region
  • Focus on major roadways to serve the region
  • Explore bike lanes on our roads
  • Bike Routes – Maintenance,,Optimization and Expansion
  • Proposed Olmstead Urban Routes – connecting Shawnee,,
  • Cherokee and Iroquois parks
  • Seneca Park Improvements
  • Seneca Park Loop Extension
  • Shelbyville Road Improvements
  • Make Downtown Louisville more accessible to bicycles
  • Examine and improve major impediments such as large intersections, busy roads and roads with narrow or no shoulders

Track 1b – Off-Road Facilities

  • Ohio River Corridor Greenway – consider creating a continuous path along the Ohio River that will bring the communitytogether
  • Downtown River Road Improvements – Bicycle facilities will be included as part of the River Road reconstruction from Beargrass Creek to Zorn Avenue
  • Upper River Road – Extending the Riverwalk from Caperton Swamp Preserve to Hays Kennedy Park will complete the Ohio River Greenway
  • Oldham County Greenway Extension – Consider extending Oldham County Greenway to Jefferson County, and make connections to E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park
  • Explore Rails-to-Trails options along LaGrange Rd. The extension will increase connectivity between neighborhoods
  • Butchertown Greenway Extension – Fix the basics: signage, facility conditions, routine maintenance
  • Beargrass Greenway (existing path) – Path from Cherokee Park to Butchertown and Waterfront Park – Fix the Basics: safety & operation at Grinstead Dr./Lexington Rd., signage, trail management, focus on destinations, scenic qualities
  • Beargrass Greenway and Lexington Rd. – Improve connection between Cherokee Park & Beargrass Creek
  • Metro Loop Trail – create a necklace around the community using the Ohio River, Floyd's Fork and Jefferson Memorial Forest that will bring the community together (illustration)
  • Kentuckiana Urban Trail System – 17-mile scenic loop using Big Four and K&I bridges, connecting Louisville to Southern Indiana

Track 2 – Programs & Events

  • Bike-to-Work Week
  • Bicycle Tour of Olmstead Parks – a day-long community event
  • Midnight Tour of Louisville Metro neighborhoods
  • User-friendly bicycle map and Web site
  • TARC Bikes-on-Board
  • Bike Racks
  • Derby Festival Bicycle Event
  • Louisville Pro Cycling Tour
  • Velo Park

Track 3 – Policy

  • “Complete Streets” Policy – street design standard accommodating bicycles and pedestrians on all new and improved roads
  • Use of Greenways as a watershed planning tool – protect environmental qualities, right-of-way preservation (for potential bicycle use), build awareness
  • Maintenance of Bicycle Facilities
  • Reliable and adequate funding for bicycle facilities and programs
  • Education – establish an effective educational program on bicycle safety and use for all ages
  • Bilingual training and materials for immigrants
  • Bicycle/Driver education – one road for all
  • Bicycle/Educational Programs at school – create partnership with schools to develop bicycle safety and educational programs
  • Develop programs to reduce sidewalk riding and other improper bicycle riding
  • Safety – develop a plan creating a safe environment for cars, cyclists and people in the built environment
  • Police training for accuracy and comlpleteness of accident reporting

Link: Louisville Bicycle Summit


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