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March-April 2005 Newsletter

“Places Pedaled”

The LBC YaYas have made it a monthly tradition to support the arts by attending the Trolley Hops on the first and last Friday of each month. However, this is a venue everyone can enjoy and the perfect excuse is coming up on March 4th. Our own Donna Connell will have a show of her landscape paintings titled “Places Pedaled” at the Bike Depot.

Donna's strong connection with her environment is reinforced through her cycling as well as her painting. These paintings of local urban, rural and suburban sites evoke the "sense of place" she considers an intergral part of her work and life. The subject matter of some of the works may be recognizable as places right off the the cue sheets of our rides.

In addition to the paintings, snacks, wine and music should insure a good time.

Donna Connell
“Places Pedaled”

March 4, 2005
Bike Depot, 107 West market Street
Show hours are from 5:00 to 10:00 pm


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