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March-April 2005 Newsletter

Undistributed Mugs

by Jim Tretter, Treasurer

Every year after the banquet there are a number of mugs that go undistributed. After carrying them around in my car for a few months, they eventually wind up in my or someone’s basement and are forgotten. Below is a list of mugs to be distributed, some of these are several years old. If your name (or the name of a friend that you can get the mug to) appears on this list, please contact me at 491-7120 so we can arrange to get it to you.

Kenny Deddens
Bill Hillen
George Plaser
Eric Essick
Geri Kiser
Dave Stewart
Phil Esterle
Nancy Leahy
Anne Stilz
Dave Fralick
Nancy Leahy
Elaine Tillman
Adrian Freund
Michael Lowe
Bill Warner
Scott Gibbs
Marilee Martin
Ken Weber
Mike Goodrow
Jeff McCordy
Rory Whitaker
Stephanie Goodrow
John McCrillis
Pat Williams
Chad Green
Martha McDonald
Jim Wooldridge
Darraell Hack
Barbara Merrick
Rich Zoldak
Don Hasner
Mike Murray


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