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March-April 2005 Newsletter

Bike Maintenance Classes

by Steve Sarson, VP Education

The March Maintenance of the Bike and Rider classes will not be held this year for a number of reasons. The early arrival of Easter has created a scheduling problem at Broadway Baptist Church. The classes are also in need of a makeover. The last few years have seen the emphasis go from a series of classes geared to the experienced cyclist to ones that introduce cycling basics. The plan is to return to a format that emphasizes both cyclist and bicycle maintenance, with emphasis on training, nutrition, and advanced bike maintenance.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped and participated in the past. My plan is to form a new Education Committee and begin planning for a new, updated version for the spring of 2006. We would work on some new and better things for the Bike Handling Classes, which begin in May. I need some volunteers to help with this new committee. It will not take a lot of time, perhaps three or four meetings a year. If you have new ideas, feel like you want to get involved in teaching both basic and advanced cycling skills, or want to be a part of creating a new program, please contact me. With the mayor's push to make Louisville a Bike-Friendly town, and Bicycling Magazine naming Louisville a Bike Town where they give away 50 bikes to new cyclists, we need to work toward a new, updated education program.

Thanks again to all who have helped or participated in the past. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and new ideas. I believe we can work together to make our education program one of the best for both new and experienced riders. Contact me at 499-7089 or catch me before or after a ride.


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