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March-April 2005 Newsletter

Welcome OKHT Subcommittee Heads

by Kathy Schmitt, OKHT Director

The following individuals responded to the open OKHT posts listed in the January/February LBC newsletter. I want to welcome the following new OKHT subcommittee heads:

Marion Van Ingen and Tracy Barnes will form the OKHT Volunteer Coordination team; Cathy Kinberger will head the OKHT SAG Coordination; Jaime Gordon has joined Mike Pitt and Bill Sanders with coordinating OKHT activities in Bardstown; and Steve Anderson will head up the OKHT Roving Sags.

Please thank these individuals when you see them on your bikes this spring and summer, and do whatever you can to help them out when they call.

If you want to donate your time, unique talent, a product, or a service for the OKHT, please contact me at info@okht.org planning meetings have begun.



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