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March-April 2005 Newsletter

From the President
Louisville’s First Bike Summit

by Earl Jones

Now that the recommendations of the Bicycle Summit have been made to Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson, it’s up to us and the other people whowant to make Louisville a bicycle-friendly town to make them reality.

More than 180 people participated in the summit. They met on February 7 and divided into four groups to discuss on-road facilities, off-road facilities, events and programs and policies. Small groups promoted dialog, idea sharing and consensus building. The four track leaders — David Jones, Jr., of Humana, Nina Wahlfort from TARC, Cheryl Brawner, former LBC Advocacy VP, and me — met on the morning of February 8 to review the groups’ output and finalize the goals outlined below. And just to make sure the recommendations didn’t contain any showstoppers, we reviewed them with city officials, some of whom suggested improvements.

The recommendations were divided into three categories: ones that should be implemented within one year; ones that should be implemented within five years; and a final group that most likely could not begin until five years or more. The recommendations are available here.

As chair of the summit, it was my job to present them to the Mayor, who especially supported the proposal that a task force be appointed to help the city flesh out and implement the recommendations. The LBC will play a central role on the task force and in making the recommendations reality. I hope that you will support them, too, and that when the next summit is held in 2006, we can celebrate completion of the first set of recommendations and a plan for completing the 100-mile Jefferson County Loop (illustrated here).


Short-term Goals, 1-12 months

  • Create LBS follow-up Task Force
  • Community cycling events/festival
  • Safe biking demo corridor
  • Revamp bicycle routes/map
  • Adopt a bike-pedestrian & greenways master plan
  • Maintenance accountability
  • Promotion -- "Bike to Work" and Olmsted Parks tour

Mid-term Goals, 1-5 years

  • Ohio River Greenway
  • Olmsted Parks and Parkway
  • Cross-town and North-South routes
  • Striping and signage
  • Information clearinghouse
  • Complete streets policy
  • Funding equity campaign
  • Education programs
  • Eliminate major road impediment

Long-term Goals, 5 years plus

  • VeloPark
  • Complete network of bicycle roads and paths
  • Bike-ped access to new bridges

Link: Louisville Bicycle Summit


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