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March-April 2005 Newsletter

Needing Motivation

by Michael Seiller, VP Racing

These days, after the famous prognosticating groundhog has sentenced us to another six weeks of winter, are always the hardest for cyclists and especially for racers. While cross-training can help you maintain fitness, you still have to do a lot of work on the bike to be in prime racing shape come spring. That means many hours on the trainer.

Everyone has their own motivational strategy for getting through their trainer time. Some watch movies or listen to music. I employ a multi-faceted approach as I alternate between Tour DVDs, a movie and ESPN. But the real thing that gets most racers motivated is the thought of upcoming races.

The first set of races will again be the Land Rover Spring Classics Series. You may have noticed the addition of the Land Rover name to the title. The organizers of the series are excited to have Land Rover sign on as the official sponsor of the entire series. They will be providing vehicle and other support for the seven-race series. The dates for the series are:

March 5 – Clark State Forest – Rapid Transit Racing Team
March 12 – L’Esprit – Team Louisville Bicycle Club
March 19 – Clark State Forest – Rapid Transit Racing Team
April 2 – Lexington Road Race – Promotion Cycling
April 9 – Cub Run Classic – Team Louisville Bicycle Club
April 16 – Shawnee Criterium – Team Louisville Bicycle Club
April 23 – Iroquois Park Criterium – Rapid Transit Racing Team – Series Finale

More information on the series will be available on the 2WheelSports Web site (www.2wheelsports.com).

As usual, we always welcome volunteers and they can contact me at racing@louisvillebicycleclub.org.

The Land Rover Series is a great opportunity to dip your toe in the racing pool or to serve as motivation to get through that next session on the trainer. I know I need the motivation especially after my two-year-old woke up early and forced me to slog through the last hour-and-a-half watching Bear in the Big Blue House, Koala Brothers, and The Wiggles. Mind numbing, indeed! See you on the road.


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