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May-June 2005 Newsletter

Louisville Selected as One of Bicycling Magazine's BikeTowns U.S.A.

Louisville has been selected by Bicycling Magazine as one of the 2005 BikeTown USA cities. The announcement was made at the February 7 Bike Summit meeting by Katie Kirwan, Special Projects Manager for the program. The goal of the BikeTown program is to see how giving someone a bike might change his or her world. Fifty Louisville-area residents will be given Schwinn bicycles, a Bell helmet, a Kryptonite bike lock, a CatEye bicycle computer and a pair of cycling shorts.

According to Bicycling, the BikeTown selection criteria are:

  • A town must have a relatively good bicycling consciousness, but one with room for improvement;
  • There should be some infrastructure in place for safe areas to cycle;
  • There should be a local bicycling advocacy group willing to help coordinate the program on the local level;
  • The local city government needs to be on board and in approval of BikeTown;
  • There needs to be a key bicycle dealer in the market willing to support the BikeTown program.

Louisville is one of only five cities that will be designated a BikeTown and Bike-to-Work city. Five cities are participating only in the BikeTown program and 10 others only in the Bike-to-Work program.

The 50 winners will be announced at Metro Louisville’s Bike-to-Work celebration to be held at 12 noon on May 20 in Jefferson Square at 6th and Liberty. The club will be sponsoring four bike-to-work rides on May 20 (see schedule).

The LBC is working with Bicycling to promote BikeTown. Bicycling will publicize the club’s Bike Handling classes, which are held in May, June, July and August. The novice riders will be encouraged to learn bike-handling skills and to set the goal of riding to Bardstown on the Old Kentucky Home Bicycle Tour on September 10 and 11. The BikeTown winners and the BikeTown staff will meet in Bardstown for a reunion.

Go to http://www.bicycling.com/biketown/XO_jump/0,5886,,00.html to complete the application by stating in 50 words or less how receiving a bike will change your life.


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