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July-August 2005 Newsletter

Calling All Volunteers for OKHT 2005

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The Old Kentucky Home Tour is the Louisville Bicycle Club's BIGGEST event and it needs YOU! Simply put, this two-day ride is host to 1,200+ riders from across the country and it CANNOT happen without volunteers.

Volunteers RIDE FREE and get a T-shirt if you work the required time (approximately 4-6 hours). Once you've established your assignment with our volunteer team, you must register by mail (no on-line registration for volunteers). Write VOLUNTEER in the ride registration area, and you will be officially designated as an OKHT volunteer. You must contact one of the volunteer coordinators before sending in your registration. (Brochures will be mailed very soon).

Volunteer early and volunteer often this year as the coveted LBC socks and mugs presented at the year-end banquet are not guaranteed simply for a weekend of OKHT duty.

Our new volunteer coordinator team (Tracy Barnes and Marion Van Ingen) are looking forward to working with all of you. Please contact them at or call 502-584-1944 (e-mail preferred).

Here's exactly what we need:

Friday SAG distribution duties. Need at least 4 volunteers early on Friday (day before OKHT) to help unload the shed, clean water containers and tables. This is done at Sawyer Park. Also, we need same 4 volunteers (or additional 4) to help us distribute the purchased SAG supplies and load onto the rental trucks for SAG distribution on Saturday morning.

Saturday night SAG distribution duties (in Bardstown at Elementary School after the ride). We need 4 to 6 volunteers to help us divide the food for Sunday's SAG stops.

We have 8 SAGs on Saturday and 4 SAGs on Sunday. Therefore, we need 12 folks to volunteer to be SAG stop leaders and oversee a SAG stop. We will provide a fair amount of help from the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana this year and our new SAG sponsor teams (at some SAG stops). We need you to direct them (fill water, make Gatorade, make sandwiches, slice fruit, tidy up).

SAG stops on Saturday - need at least 2 additional volunteers at each stop to help the SAG leader, the Girl Scouts and/or the SAG sponsor team.

SAG stops on Sunday - need at least 2 additional volunteers at each stop to help the SAG leader, the Girl Scouts and/or the SAG sponsor team.

Sunday Cookie Stop SAG (this is a special stop) need at least 4 to 6 additional volunteers to help the SAG leader and/or the Girl Scouts.

Sunday Cookie Stop traffic calmers - need at least 4 volunteers to slow traffic and cyclists as they approach the SAG stop. Need to direct them off the road and completely into the SAG stop area.

Time Trial Mike Seiler of the LBC Racing Team needs at least 4 to 6 volunteers to offer support for the 102-mile time trial. Please contact Mike at .

Lunch Stop on Saturday. This year the Boy Scouts of Fairfield and just about the entire community of St. Michael's Parish will be feeding us. We need 2 to 4 volunteers to help riders queue in line for lunch and mark wrist bands.

Roving SAG. We need at least 7 volunteers on Saturday and at least 4 volunteers on Sunday. Requires some mechanical knowledge, have a car that can carry at least one bike, one other person, a cooler of ice, water, and supplies for the three routes on Saturday. We provide the supplies but prefer if you bring your own pump (and cooler if possible). Steve Anderson is the Roving SAG leader.

Parking Lot Volunteers - We have limited parking spaces available to us again in 2005 but this year the early birds get to park in the paved lot. Late arrivals will park in the grass lot across the street. Need at least 7 volunteers to slow drivers, direct cyclists/drivers to parking.

Spalding Hall Bardstown SAG - need 2 to 4 volunteers to work the SAG in Bardstown (as well as direct them to buses, information, massage, etc).

Packet Stuffing - need approximately 25 volunteers to help us stuff the OKHT packets with pins, cue sheets, info, etc. This will happen the weekend before the ride (Labor Day weekend).

Safety Video - need 4 to 6 volunteers to move ride participants in and out of safety video viewing areas on Saturday morning.

Route marking - All MAD DOGS to apply - need at least 10 volunteers under the guidance of Mike Pitt to mark the three separate routes.

SAG Truck Drivers - need 8 volunteers (2 to 4 on Saturday and 2 to 4 on Sunday). EARLY on each day will need 2 people familiar with the routes to drop off the SAG supplies to each stop. One person to drive and one person to direct and navigate. Will also need same crew (or additional crew) to pick up SAG supplies once the SAG has broken down and bring back to Bardstown or Louisville (depending on the day).

Luggage Truck Drivers - need 4 to 6 volunteers (2 to 3 on Saturday and 2 to 3 on Sunday). Need a volunteer at each truck to help load the luggage and drive truck directly to Bardstown. The same arrangement on Sunday morning. Luggage is unloaded in Bardstown by the football team.

Breakfast - need at least 6 to 8 volunteers to help us with breakfast set up, clean up, and everything in between.

Post-Ride Pizza Party - need at least 4 to 6 volunteers to set up a queue system, check arm bands prior to getting pizza, remove arm bands.

Post-Ride Clean-Up - need 4 to 8 volunteers to meet at E.P. "Tom" Sawyer Park after the ride, clean up and consolidate all the SAG supplies for shed. Need someone to drive the truck, load shed and call it another successful year!

Remember, volunteer EARLY and OFTEN at .


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