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September-October 2005 Newsletter

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

by Tracy Barnes,

Calling Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart and Patty Dean!

No, not really, we just need you. We need you to fire up the oven and bake some cookies. Yes, that's right. It's OKHT's Homemade Cookie stop calling. This SAG on Sunday, the second day of the tour, has become one of the shining spots of the weekend. What makes it great is the plethora of yummy delights that LBC members (and friends) bake and bring.

So, whip out the flour, the chocolate chips, the pecans or whatever is your favorite cookie ingredient and get them in the oven.

You may drop off your cookies either Friday night, Sept. 9, or Saturday morning, Sept. 10 at E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park. This is the site of the 2005 OKHT Registration and tour start.

What's that you say? The oven's broken? Well, ok ... go buy some cookies for us, but make 'em good ones!

Thanks in advance,
The OKHT Committee


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