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September-October 2005 Newsletter

World of Thanks: Old Kentucky Home Tour 2005

Try to imagine this: your favorite actor/actress is a presenter at the Academy Awards ceremony. Stepping to the microphone, the celebrity startles the audience by saying, “I’m going to be winning several awards next year, and there are going to be so many people to thank, there may not be enough time. So I thought I’d just take a few minutes tonight to thank some of them in advance!”

Far-fetched? Sure, even by Hollywood standards. But it’s exactly the situation facing the Old Kentucky Home Tour committee, whose work is made easier by three very important groups of people — who don’t get nearly enough recognition and gratitude. So even though it’s a few days before the event, we’re going to publicly thank some people!

Our first round of applause goes to our sponsors! Look at the names scattered around on this page, and throughout this newsletter. You’ll notice that these fine companies are involved in supporting the Louisville Bicycle Club, and cycling in our community, throughout the year — not just on the second weekend in September.

Without the generous support of these sponsors, we’ve calculated the cost per rider for the Old Kentucky Home Tour would more than triple! So our sincere thanks go out to them: “We couldn’t do it without you!”

Applause, round two, goes to our volunteers! Look back at the July/August newsletter (link) and you’ll see the overwhelming list of jobs — and people filling them — involved in creating and managing an event of this size. And here’s the good news: YOU can still get your name on this distinguished list. Yes, it’s really true! There are still a limited number of openings for people with exactly your abilities! And you’ll get a full serving of gratitude for signing up now!

Finally, thanks to the riders — all 1,300+ of you! You’ve gotten yourselves in shape, checked out your bikes, and submitted your registration forms (or will, when you show up on September 10). You’ll watch the safety video, ride carefully, and enjoy the “best two days on wheels you’ll ever experience!” We’re delighted to have you, and hope to have you back!

Your OKHT Committee,
Kathy Schmitt, Director
Steve Anderson, Joe Argabrite, Tracy Barnes, Duc Do, Sara Ferebee, Jamie Gordon, Jerry Gordon, Earl Jones, Cathy Kinberger, Lynn Luking, Mark Luking, Lewis Miller, Ellen Mueller, Mike Pitt, Deb Sexton, Michael Seiler, Mo Kilroy Simon, Barb Tretter, Jim Tretter, Marion Van Ingen, Whitney Vogel


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