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November-December 2005 Newsletter

Officer Election

by Linda & Terry Donovan

The Louisville Bicycle Club (LBC) will begin a new year for the appointment of representative seats. In accordance with the Bylaws, a Nominating Committee has been selected to conduct the search for replacements and are as follows:

  • Terry Donovan Acting Chairperson
  • Linda D. Donovan Co-Acting Chairperson
  • Bernice Martin Representative
  • Mike Kamenish Representative
  • Brooke Willis Representative

Nominations are open for all positions though incumbents are running for their current positions except for the following:

  • Vice President of Communications Sara Ferebee
  • Vice President of Touring Chad Green
  • Vice President of Racing Mark Luking

All officers elected at the banquet assume their duties the following day according to the bylaws. The LBC members and the representatives of the Nominating Committee welcome comments and input from members of the club regarding the upcoming search for new representation. You may confidentially submit in writing or by phone your nomination of a new representative or comments about the current representatives to:

Terry and Linda D.Donovan
[address and phone number available in the club directory]

Your comments are important for the continued success and growth of the club.


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