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November-December 2005 Newsletter

OKHT 2005 Wrap-Up

by Kathy Schmitt, (Retired OKHT Director)

What a way to end five-and-a-half years of directing the OKHT. I’m thrilled to report that the Old Kentucky Home Tour again had an exceptional year. The final count of participants was 1,134 and we were able to donate approximately $5,000 to the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky (BIAK). Not bad!

My thanks goes out to an extraordinary OKHT team. They are all amazing people to work with but I want to especially note the efforts of a few individuals. Kudos to our newest OKHT team members: Marion Van Ingen and Tracy Barnes. These gals did a terrific job at tag-teaming the volunteer coordinating duties. They could easily run the OKHT with their follow-through and attention to detail. Another newcomer to the team was Steve Anderson. He answered our call last year to manage the Roving Sags — his big and loveable persona helped calm the tempers of a few lost cyclists (not that anyone got lost, Mike!). Ellen Mueller was able to continue providing the OKHT with up-to-date registration numbers despite a large project at her “real” job for Papa John’s Corporate. Ellen survived a difficult year. I’d also like to point out that even with a change in career duties that required more travel, Lewis Miller was able to talk up the OKHT and the LBC during his travels, continue to “sell” our event to new and existing sponsors, provided the Director (me) with regular feedback, and did roving sag support during the OKHT weekend. What a guy — another shoe-in for Director. Jim Tretter, the Alan Greenspan of the OKHT, continued to manage the financials with an iron grip. Sara Ferebee is such a talented gem to work with. Mike Pitt did a remarkable job managing the route marking and he always puts a positive spin on everything.

Jamie Gordon and Deb Sexton did a wonderful job managing the three-ring circus that is the destination of Bardstown and Spalding Hall. Way to go, ladies! Cathy Kinburger seized the SAG Distribution duties with ease and relieved me of a big, big job and she did it with a smile. Finally, Earl Jones is always a joy to work with. I appreciate his input. Thanks to my team for their special efforts.I will truly miss them.

Thanks also to countless others who came out of the woodwork to help the OKHT. A special thank you to Richard Gilliam who came back for another year to organize, load, and drive the SAG truck. What a great help! And folks like Joe Thomas who was invaluable at Bardstown and everywhere.

Thanks again to our wonderful supporting sponsors: Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Baptist East/Milestone Fitness Center, and Swope Dealer Network.

Ian Graham, Tom Armstrong, and Corey Sturgeon of Scheller’s were everywhere that weekend providing maintenance and roving sag support. In addition, Scheller’s provided the wonderful bike for the raffle for the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky (BIAK). Thanks for everything!

Ken Weber, the man in charge at Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, personally poured bourbon at the bourbon tasting at the end of the day. Thank you Ken!

Baptist East/Milestone Fitness Center provided us with meeting space on several occasions as well as a stretching and wind-down yoga class at the finish of the ride on Saturday. Thanks!

Swope Dealer Network again provided underwriting for the new and improved Safety Video. Thank you!

Thanks again to the Safety Video team of Andy Rawls, Chris Hammon, and Brooke Willis for shooting new footage for the safety.

Thanks to Lynn and Mark Luking for providing merchandise support and offering their greenhouse for packet stuffing. It was a great space!

Thanks to Sandy and Carl Davis who rose to the occasion and took over the Cookie Stop. They created Cookie Corner, Kentucky. Carl and Sandy are so fun, creative, and a joy to work with. We had plenty of cookies because folks like you baked them and brought them.Thank you!

To Rita and Steve Sarson and their lovely daughter Michelle — who along with the Sextons (Deb and Steve) and June Sugakawa made the Sunday morning SAG stop hard to leave. Their team of Castaways from Gilligan’s Island was lots of fun!

Thanks to Peg Kessler and the nice folks at Harmony Habitat in Bloomfield, Ky., for allowing us to use their property for the Sunday morning Sag Stop. We enjoyed the shade, the chairs to sit in, and their hospitality. What a great organization.

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 136 of Fairfield, Ky., and the parish of St. Michael's Church for providing an excellent lunch. The food was plentiful and tasty, the service was outstanding, the venue was clean and spacious, and all very organized. It took the pressure off of the OKHT admin staff and their deliverables were every bit as professional as any catering operation I have dealt with.

Thanks to the Louisville School of Massage for the massages waiting for us.

Thanks to the Girl Scouts for providing support at the SAG stops at Lincoln Homestead (GS Troop #984) and Lilly Pike Road hill (GS Troop #2207). Great job, ladies!

Thanks to Donna Connell for creating the King and Queen of the Mountain cutouts for photos. You are one talented cyclist!

Thanks to Tim and Suzanne Oates who live on Lilly Pike Road and made multiple trips to their home for water.

Thanks to Breadworks for providing great “sliced” bread for the SAG stops. Thanks for the pizza this year from Tony Boombozz on Frankfort Avenue. Thanks to Wild Oats for providing the organic fruit (especially those grapes!!). We had plenty!

Thanks to the LBC’s own Brad Thompson and National Distribution & Contracting out of Nashville, Tenn., for once again donating the hand sanitizers for the SAG stops.

Thanks to the Louisville Metro Police for their support. Also, thanks to Captain Mike Schmitt of the Fern Creek Firehouse and Mike Dooley of the Mount Washington Volunteer Fire Department for the use of their facilities and grounds.

Thank you to Mr. John Jordan, Sr., of Jordan Services and Mr. Bodine of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church for the use of their property for SAG stops. Thanks!

Thanks to Heine Brothers’ Coffee for the coffee at registration and for the bagels from Nancy’s Bagel Grounds.

Thanks to all of our entertainers: The New Minglewood Ramblers, Steel Drummer Sam Harris, “Uncle” Mike Carr and his banjo picking friend Tom Taylor from Rabbit Hash, Ky., John Gonzalez and his duo called “Stranger ’n Fiction”, and Molly McCormack and her hammered dulcimer.

Thanks to all of the participants and volunteers!

Mark your calendars for next year. The dates are September 9th and 10th, 2006.


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