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November-December 2005 Newsletter

From the President
A Year-End Whine


Since youíve given me the privilege of having this space in each issue of the newsletter, you have to expect that once in a while Iíll use it to whine. This is one such time.

Just the other day I checked the LBC statistics Web site ó that excellent site that Carl Davis, our esteemed Club Statistician, has managed for the last three years (with great assistance from his wife, Sandy) ó and confirmed what Iíve not wanted to acknowledge all season: I havenít ridden my bike very much this year. Projecting to the end of the season, Iíll be lucky to have 100 club miles.

Once, I thought about competing for the yellow jersey. But that was many years ago and a fleeting thought even then. I was glad, though, to be in the top 10 in mileage. A few years later, the goal was reset to the top 25.

In the meantime the Mad Dogs made the scene. Century riding achieved a new cachet and canine-themed soubriquets became the rage. My dreams of mileage immortality disappeared just as quickly.

The LBCís successes in raising its profile in the community also contributed to my low-mileage status. A higher profile means more demands on the leadershipís time. Thereís always a new committee or initiative that takes up some of the time you might otherwise use to ride your bike. (Life in modern corporate America, where everybody does more with fewer resources and fewer people, also plays a role. But at least thatís a paying gig.)

So, the president of a bike club that exists to organize rides, promote cycling and protect the rights of cyclists has too little time to ride. My answer to this sorry state? The one given by every other cyclist at the end of a disappointing season: wait ítil next year.

Look for me in the top 150!


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