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November-December 2005 Newsletter

The Triumphant Trio Strikes Again

by Barbara Tretter

The morning of Saturday, October 1, started out clear and cool. As we (Marilyn Minnick, Joe Thomas, and myself) arrived at the Kentucky Senior Games in Lexington, we were full of anticipation. Would anyone show up to dethrone us from the medal platform? Unlike last year, there were no podium guys, no flowers, no Miss City Hall to take our pictures. But just like last year, there was also no competition!

At least not in the Women's age division 55-59.

So once again, the Golden Girls & the Lonely Guy of the LBC kicked butt. There were only two races in these games, a 7K and a 20K time trial. Since only one of the three of us could remember their times, they won't be posted here, but you can check them out on the Senior Games web site.

It was a great course, using a 4.2-mile loop out in the country. Actually, it was part of the routes we use for the Horsey Hundred and the MS 150. There was very little traffic and just a few rollers.

Marilyn went home with two silver medals. Joe and I each took home two gold medals. Next year the senior games will again be held in Lexington, but these will be the qualifying games for the Senior Olympics in 2007. Marilyn and I would greatly appreciate it if any of you in our age division would refrain from participating again next year, ’cause we really like winning, and we want to qualify for the Olympics.


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