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January-February 2006 Newsletter

Wanted: Captain

by Nita Bernat

WANTED: 5'8" and up. Minimum 140 lbs. SCR (Single Captain Rider) Must be somewhat strong, bike knowledgeable, conscientious, and a good communicator.

Twenty years ago, if I could have found someone to fit this description I would have married him, but right now, all I want is someone who would like very much to give tandem riding a try.

Man or woman, I am looking for an individual who, like myself until a year ago, has never been on a tandem. I tried one just for the fun of it with a friend, fell in love with it and am now looking for another person to enjoy this type of riding.

My original partner has been unable to ride and, although Iíve continued riding my single bike, I do miss very much riding the tandem.

So, here is your chance. I have the bike. If you want to fall in love ó not with me, silly ó but with riding a tandem, contact me. I have some very safe courses and this would give you an opportunity during some pleasant winter days to take the time to see if you might enjoy the wonderful sport of tandem riding.

Nita Bernat, 426-8712


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