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January-February 2006 Newsletter

Mugged Members

These clubmembers were awarded the traditional LBC mug. These volunteers are the heart of the club. They volunteer day-in and day-out to support the club's programs.

Anderson, Steve Armstrong, Tom Baldwin, Paul
Barnes, Tracy Bosse, Boyd Brawner, Cheryl
Burry, David Burry, Linda Chambers, Jeff
Chilton, Tim Connell, Donna Darby, Alan
Davis, Carl Davis, Sandy Do, Duc
Donovan, Linda Donovan, Terry Edwards, Darrell
Ferebee, Sara French, Mark Gaylor, Steve
Gilliam, Richard Gordon, Jamie Gordon, Jerry
Gray, James Green, Chad Hack, Darrell
Jones, David Jones, Earl Kinberger, Cathy
King, David Krakowski, Dick Lay, Walter
Leist, Dave Loeschner, Dan Luitjens, Sean
Luking, Lynn Luking, Mark Maddox, Vic
Martin, Marilee Miller, Lewis Mueller, Ellen
Palmer, Jay Pickett, Eileen Pitt, Mike
Prather, Stewart Preble, Larry Reed, David
Sandefur, AB Sandefur, Betty Sarson, Steve
Schmitt, Kathy Seiler, Michael Sexton, Deb
Swope, Brad Thomas, Joe Tretter, Jim
Vaningen, Marion Walfoort, Nina Ward, Joe
Zalph, Barry


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