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January-February 2006 Newsletter


by , VP Racing

I would like to begin by congratulating all the members of our team who came out, trained and raced (sometimes in some pretty harsh conditions) in 2005. I wish there were space to mention all of their accomplishments, both large and small, but with over 40 members, I can only highlight a few of them and some of their results from this past season.

In the cyclo-cross season, which just ended, Brad Wunderlich won the Master’s 45+ category and Joe Collins placed third in the Master’s 35+ category, in the Ohio Valley Cyclo-cross series.

In mountain biking, Donald Parr finished fifth overall in the Sport Open Class in the DINO (Do Indiana Off-road) series. Don also competed in all six of the Spring Racing series and had a fifth place finish in the Cub Run Classic race. Of course, we all know about Walter Lay’s exciting trip to the Master’s National Track races in Indianapolis. Darrell Edwards, who joined the team this past season, also competed in the six Spring races as well as several cross races. He had two second place finishes and was in the top 10 of his category in several of the other races.

There should probably be a whole article on the women racers. Margie Lyle, who has kids, a job and attends graduate school, got up at 4 am to train. She was often the only woman from Team Louisville in a race, yet she won the Women’s division in the Spring Racing Series and a Gold Medal at the Kentucky District race. And then there’s Nancy McElwain, who qualified for and competed in the Ironman Championships in Hawaii. A world-class feat! One of the newer members of our team, Linda Burry, only recently began bicycle racing, but was able to claim a Silver Medal in the criterium race at the Bluegrass State Games. Linda, who has volunteered to captain the women’s squad this season, has teamed up with Nancy to help train other women who are interested in racing with our team.

Last season, Team Louisville had a pretty good squad of elite racers. It included Jamie Gray, Steve Gaylor, Jude Clark, Jeff Chambers, and Aaron Werner. These are all very strong Cat-3 racers, who raced 15 or more races during the season with some great results. It would take a whole page to tell you about their season. Unfortunately, this group, along with Morgan Webb, will be switching to the Indiana Masters team in 2006. I am sure they will make that team tough to beat.

I would also like to mention our team sponsors, Clarksville Schwinn Cyclery, Heine Brothers’ Coffee, Browning’s Brewery, Voler Team Apparel, Sock Guy, Justsocks.com, and new this year are Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Bosse Mattingly Construction, First Egg and TrainSmart. We couldn’t do this without their support.

Now it is time to talk about what is ahead. The 2006 Spring Racing Series is just a few short months away and we have already begun training for these classic road races that will kick off the local racing season. Team Louisville will host the first race, the L’Esprit Road Race on March 4th. There will be five other races on Saturdays over the next several weekends in March and April. You can get more information about these events at www.2wheelsports.com. I encourage everyone interested in racing to come out and either race, volunteer to help out or cheer us on.

Finally, I wanted to say something about my goals for next season as the VP of racing. Top on the list is to continue working to improve the quality of our training and increase the opportunities for our team to race, especially in the local area. I am also looking forward to working with Chad Green to see if we can find ways to improve the interaction of the racing team and the touring program. I am hopeful that we will be able to bring some positive improvement in this area.

Oh yeah, one other goal: get my articles for the newsletter to Sara on time!


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