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January-February 2006 Newsletter

Trainer Tours

by AB Sandefur

Donít become a couch potato this winter just because the weather is bad. You will end up with cabin fever and be out of shape to begin riding next spring.

Why not start out riding in March as fast as you did in September? Every winter, the LBC has sponsored Trainer Tours at Broadway Baptist Church, 4000 Brownsboro Road from 7:00 to 8:30 pm every Tuesday and Thursday in January and February. We sometimes go on into March if the weather is bad.

The fee is $1.00 per session or $10.00 for the entire season (fee includes spouse or children at no extra cost). You ride your own bike on your trainer or rollers and watch a 45-minute to 90-minute video. You also get 20 miles easy credit (right!) and enjoy free refreshments afterward. If you do not already have a trainer, come anyway and use one of the extras we already have or use mine ó please! Then you can decide if you want to purchase your own trainer.

Please bring an exercise mat or large towel for floor covering because of new carpet.

If you come to spinning classes, the winter will pass faster and you will enjoy the company of other riders and also ride better in the spring.

For more information, contact AB Sandefur at 425-9463.


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