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March-April 2006 Newsletter

Maintenance of the Bike and Rider Classes Return

by , VP Education

The March Maintenance of the Bike and Rider classes will return this year on Monday nights with a revised format.

In support of the League of American Bicyclists “Share the Road” campaign, we will be offering the LAB Road 1 class on two Mondays and one Saturday in March. This three-part class includes two classroom sessions and an outdoor bike handling skills session. Participants must be willing to commit to attending all three sessions in order to successfully complete the course. These classes are scheduled for Monday, March 13th and 20th, and Saturday, March 25th. They will be taught by Barry Zalph and Joe Ward, LAB League Cycling Instructors. Monday classes will start promptly at 7 PM and last two hours. The Saturday on-the-road session will start promptly at 9 AM and last five hours — no Wheelmen time! Please bring a bag lunch if you plan to attend.

Participants planning to attend the Road 1 course need to make a commitment to attend all three sessions so as not to waste their own or the instructors’ time. This is not a one- or two-session class — it is a three-session class designed to teach bicycling basics and good road skills. Each session builds on the previous one as a complete course.

Participants successfully completing all three sessions will receive a certificate of completion from the LAB and be eligible to attend the League Cycling Instructor course to be held in July in Louisville. Our goal is to have ten new League Cycling Instructors in the Louisville area at the end of this summer.

Pre-registration for the Road 1 course is required so we can have enough materials for all in attendance. Please contact Barry Zalph at 897-7199 to register. This class is offered free of charge to anyone attending.

The LBC Executive Committee has agreed to pay for the League Cycling Instructor (LCI) registration fee for participants who agree to work with the club VP Education and help staff at least eight of the club’s summer Bike Handling Classes each year for three years. The LCI seminar is limited to 15 participants and is scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30, 2006. Registrations must be received by the LAB office by June 16, 2006. For further information on the LCI program, contact Barry Zalph at 897-7199, Steve Sarson at 499-7089, or go to www.bikeleague.org/educenter/seminars.htm.

Membership in the League of American Bicyclists is required to attend the LCI seminar.

The other two Mondays in March, the 6th and 27th, will offer one-hour presentations. We will not have the individual workshops offered in the past, instead opting for specific topics each night. On Monday, March 6th, we will offer presentations on Training and Nutrition and Bike Fit. On Monday, March 27th, the topics will be Basic Bike Maintenance and Tire Changing.

There will also be Ride Captain Training on March 27th, led by Chad Green, VP Touring, for those wishing to become Ride Captains and as a refresher course for those already leading rides. We would like to have all current and future Ride Captains attend this session so all Ride Captains follow the same procedures when scheduling, leading and sweeping rides.

Due to scheduling conflicts, there is a new location for the classes this year. We will be meeting in Room 100 at St. Paul United Methodist Church at the corner of Bardstown Road and Douglass Boulevard in the Highlands, the same location we used for the Polar Bear Ride on January 1st. Room 100, however, is in the main church building. The Road 1 Saturday session will be held at 4500 Bowling Boulevard, next to Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center. This is the same location used for the summer New Rider classes. Please note the location changes.

All Monday sessions will start promptly at 7 PM and the Saturday Road 1 course will start promptly at 9 AM — we will not be operating on Wheelmen time.


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