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March-April 2006 Newsletter

Toyota MS 150 Prep Rides in April and May

by Tom Armstrong

Join us in our mission to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis!

Spring is just around the corner; you have gotten your bike to the store for its annual tune up (haven’t you?); you are looking forward to the time change in a few weeks so that you can get out and ride with your cycling friends after work more often... all of which means the Toyota MS 150 time is nearing — June 3&4! Once again, Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling is sponsoring this great fundraiser that supports local services and programs for people living with the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. A portion of the money raised will also fund national research into the why and how of MS. As part of Scheller’s sponsorship, I will captain four preparatory rides in the two months leading up to the two-day, 150-mile event.

I’ve chosen the term preparatory over training for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I don’t like the “t-word.” I know from my pre-club-membership days, though, that riding more in preparation for a bike vacation (even if it is only a two-day vacation) makes that vacation more enjoyable. Knowing what terrain awaits me on a trip gives me reason to ride more in anticipation of the fun.

Each year, one or two folks will come to me and say something along the lines of, “I’m going on the MS 150 bike tour. Here’s my bike. Can you get it ready for me?” Oh, yeah — the bike in question, last ridden by the owner’s pre-teen son, would fit if the owner’s legs were four inches shorter, and weighs about as much as that 1971 Schwinn Twinn sitting in your neighbor’s garage.

My intent is that folks who are riding in the MS 150 for their first time will come out for these rides. By so doing, they can see what sort of terrain they can expect to encounter on the ride. I want them to ride farther afield than their neighborhoods as they prepare for the weekend. I am marking the routes and giving cue sheets so they can ride the routes again if it helps them.

They will also have opportunity to meet some of the nice folks in the LBC, and see what joy can be had through riding with others. The club has built its membership over the years by just this method, especially with events like the Old Kentucky Home Tour.

If you have family, friends or coworkers who express an interest in riding the Toyota MS 150, encourage them to come out and ride with us. Encourage them to ride with us in April and May, during our shorter preparatory rides, so that they can see how much fun we have.

Watch for the prep rides on April 9 and 23, and May 7 and 21. The April rides will start at 10 AM, and the May rides will start at 9 AM. The April rides will be 25 miles, using routes from my Saturday evening series. The May rides will be 40 and 50 miles, respectively. I look forward to seeing many of you on those mornings!

For more information about or to register for the Toyota MS 150, visit www.kynmss.org or call the Chapter office at 502-451-0014 ext. 231.


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