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March-April 2006 Newsletter

From the President
Bike Task Force


The Bike Task Force met with Mayor Jerry Abramson on December 13, 2005, to give him an update on our actions since the February 7-8, 2005, Bike Summit. In addition to the mayor, several Metro Louisville cabinet secretaries and department heads also attended the briefing. Our objective was to make certain we were on the right track and to obtain the mayor’s commitment to specific action plans.

As Chair of the Task Force, I presented the recommendations, which were organized around five areas, the so-called 5 E’s: Encouragement, Education, Engineering, Enforcement, and Evaluation.

Here are the recommendations, the mayor’s response and a quick status report.

Recommendation Status
• Schedule 2-3 community rides per year
• Mayor to help solicit sponsors
• Seek $55,000 in federal funding for Bike-to-Work Week
Memorial Day, Labor Day and an Olmsted Parks-related ride
• JCPS liaison to push safe-routes-to-school, other cycling initiatives
• New city web site/clearinghouse for all cycling-related info
• New system-wide bike/route map
• City to host smart growth seminar
Contract let to develop cycling module for elementary school kids; contract let for new Bike Louisville Web site, which will host city bike plan, route maps, etc.; LBC to expand bike handling classes to create more competent adult cyclists.
• Expedite detailed bike routes/facilities maintenance assessment
• Metro Council adoption of complete-streets policy, i.e. plan for auto, bike & pedestrian use
• Endorse bike-network map
Costs for maintenance assessment included in budget; administration to urge Council adoption of complete-streets policy; network map endorsed; road repaving to be evaluated for adding bike lanes; bike lanes on River Road, Taylorsville Road and Third Street-Southern Parkway-New Cut Road to new Metro Bike Loop are first priorities.
• Designate LMPD liaison for cycling issues
• Deliver focused training on cyclists rights, responsibilities
• Create database of cycling accidents, conflicts, etc.
• LMPD to conduct a visible enforcement campaign
Task force to work with LMPD Chief Robert White
Develop metrics and a plan to evaluate progress
Task force charged to develop.

The mayor has provided a tremendous boost to cycling in our town. Stay tuned for further updates. Get involved. Contact me if you’d like to know how.


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