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March-April 2006 Newsletter


by , VP Racing

Here it is March already and a new cycling season is getting underway. I thought this would be a good time to alert you to a rather new and fairly contagious health problem that may already be affecting some of the cyclists in our club. Unlike the more familiar cycling maladies, such as bonking or blisters in unmentionable places, this new illness is a little more difficult to diagnose. I am referring to something known as “Competitive Cycling Disorder,” or “CCD.” In the past, this illness was thought to be limited to a few cyclists with USCF licenses, but more and more, it is showing up in the general touring population.

And just what are the symptoms that you should be looking for? The onset of mild CCD is usually indicated by, but not limited to, the desire to draft other cyclists; overwhelming feelings of comfort while in a fast, rotating pace line; sudden accelerations, particularly on hills; and, especially, the uncontrollable urge to sprint, particularly around green signs or at the end of a club ride.

Signs of more advanced stages vary, but may include owning three or more bicycles and/or multiple wheel sets; a subscription to VeloNews and planning your entire month of July around OLN’s coverage of the Tour de France.

I would like to point out that CCD is very difficult to self-diagnose. If you suspect that you may have contracted this illness, please speak with your spouse, your children, or trusted friends (especially non-cyclists). They should easily be able to point out your particular symptoms for you.

What about treatment? Unfortunately, at this time, there is no known cure for CCD. However, the LBC Racing team is working on several very promising types of therapy, some of which, I am confident, will be able help you cope with this disorder.

In fact, one of the most popular of these therapies is currently underway. It is called the “Spring Racing Series.” This is a series of six sessions (or bicycle races), which include a criterium, two circuit races, and three classic road races. The series begins on March 4th with Team Louisville’s own L’Esprit Road Race.

Other races include the New Washington Road Race (March 11); the St. Peter’s Road Race (March 18); the Clark State Forest Circuit Race (March 25); the Lexington Spring Circuit Race (April 1) and ends with our Shawnee Park Criterium (April 15).

I highly recommend that anyone currently suffering from a mild to moderate case of CCD come out and give these races a try. One-day licenses are available. You will be surprised at how much better you will feel, especially after you cross the finish line! For more information, including entrance fees (which are much less than a visit to the doctor’s office) or online registration, just go online and check out the race flyers at 2wheelsports.com.

Don’t let “Competitive Cycling Disorder” put a damper on your cycling season. Sign up today! Do it for yourself! Do it for fun!


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