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March-April 2006 Newsletter

Just a Reminder

by , Secretary

As secretary of the club, I would just like to remind the members about a few things concerning their membership in the club.

When you receive your newsletter, on the address label there is a date and a letter above your name. This is the renewal date of your membership & designation of Family, Individual or Youth. I send out postcards when the newsletters go out to remind you that your membership is about to expire. When it expires, you no longer receive newsletters or your club miles. So, even though you can read the newsletter on-line, you will not accumulate mileage that will make you a jersey winner!

Also, newsletters are sent out as bulk mail. This means, if you have moved or changed your address, you will not receive your newsletter because the Post Office will not forward bulk mail. It goes in the trash. If you are not receiving your newsletters, look at some of your mail and see if you have moved. Did you notify me that you have moved? If no, you need to.

If you have notified me of your new address, and you still are not receiving your newsletter and club mileage, please contact me. (My phone number and email are available here.) I cannot correct something I don’t know about.

I just hate it when someone says, “Barbara, John told me that he hasn’t been receiving his newsletters for six months. What’s wrong?” Two things are wrong in this scenario: 1) John did not direct his problem to me, and 2) John waited six months to complain.

So now you know. I will do my best to be sure that any problems are corrected. And guess what, if you complain enough, I may submit your name for Secretary for the club for 2007! Or better yet, you may be a nominee for a “Wheelie Award”!


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