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March-April 2006 Newsletter

Member Spotlight

by Paul Baldwin

Editor’s note: If you would like to nominate someone to be featured in a future Member Spotlight, please send your nomination to or call Sara Ferebee at 664-2642.

Mark Luking: co-owner of Luking Greenhouses. At one time, he was technical director for Actor’s Theater at its former location, a converted Illinois Central Railroad Station at Seventh Street and the Ohio River, before its move to Main Street.

Age: 55

Accolade: First-year VP Racing for the Louisville Bicycle Club.

How I got into cycling: Although he had ridden off and on with family members, he got serious about riding 10 years ago for “the usual reasons. I was feeling my age, and decided to better manage my health. I decided I would get a little more into the cycling, that’s when I started riding with the club more.” A little persuasion from club member Dave Stewart, a former VP Racing, didn’t hurt.

Favorite rides: Todd’s Point Loop, Mt Zion.

Advice to cyclists: “The thing that makes it fun for me is the people that I’ve met. Hook up with some folks who are at your speed and try to bond with them. I think you’ll find it’s a lot more fun and it will stay fun along the way.”

Goals for 2006: For Team Louisville to have a successful racing season. “I don’t necessarily rate that by wins but how our team evolves and meets its goals. I hope everyone comes away with a good story with every race.”

Linda Burry: Research associate in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Louisville. Co-owner and head of the wellness division for Greenleaf Management, Inc., an environmental health and safety company that she owns with her husband, David. Fitness instructor at CORE Modern Training Center.

Age: 44

Accolade: Women’s racing captain for Team Louisville.

How I got into cycling: With encouragement from LBC member Mary Brice, she picked up cycling both for fitness and as another activity she could do with her husband. “My goal at the time was to be able to keep up with AB Sandefur and Bernice McGill.”

Favorite rides: Any day she’s able to ride with her husband. (This past summer, she and her husband led a regular Wednesday-night ride out of Charlie Vettiner Park.)

Advice to cyclists: To stay injury free, start a cycling-specific resistance training program.

Goals for 2006: Learn team tactics, promote women’s cycling.


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